Woori Bank to be protected… The 2nd game, which will be a watershed, BNK has finished adapting

After winning the first leg of the championship match on the 19th, Asan Woori Bank coach Wi Sung-woo said, “I think I only played the first half of the game,” and couldn’t help laughing.

Woori Bank beat Busan BNK 62-56 that day. In the second quarter, they already ran away with a 16-point lead and seized the victory, but at the end of the fourth quarter, they started to be chased and narrowed the gap to 3 points before winning with a sweat.

Coach Seong-woo Seong-woo said, “We widened the score early, but as we couldn’t keep it, the veterans’ playing time exceeded the plan. He said it was a mistake to try to finish the game quickly.” Although they won, they regretted that they exhausted the main players too much from the first game.

Woori Bank is staffed by veterans. The main scorers, including Kim Dan-bi, Kim Jung-eun, and Park Hye-jin, are all in their 30s. BNK, which we met in the championship match, is a contrast to the fact that it is composed of young players in their early and mid-20s. The championship game of the best-of-five system is played after one day off. The strategy of the first game was to save the stamina of the main players by widening the score gap at the beginning of the game and then maintaining it, but Woori Bank was chased in the 4th quarter and used the starting players almost full-time. Danbi Kim ran 38 minutes 5 seconds, and Hyejin Park ran 37 minutes 51 seconds.

BNK is the first team to participate in the championship game. The playoffs also went out for the first time last season. Coach Park Jeong-eun is also playing for the first time in the championship game as a commanding tower. BNK, who picked tension as the enemy, practically completed adaptation through the first game, especially through the 4th quarter카지노.

Director Park Jeong-eun said, “I was definitely nervous, so I fell physically quickly. In the next game, if I find a margin, I will be able to move as promised, and then I think it will be okay,” he said. “I think it was an expensive experience. He has set the stage for what’s next,” he said.

This year’s women’s professional basketball was dominated by Woori Bank. After a solo run throughout the season, he finished first in the regular league. When they met the ‘inexperienced’ BNK in the championship match, the prospect that they would be more dominant was dominant. Woori Bank was also overwhelming in the first game, but BNK showed more strength than expected in the second half of the game.

Woori Bank is a very good defensive team. After running away in the beginning, the ability to defend is good. It is a team that is difficult to catch up with if it happens from the opponent’s point of view. BNK destroyed that strength in the first game. Game 2 is a watershed moment for the series. The key to victory confirmed in the first game is Woori Bank’s stamina in the second half of the game and the playing time of the main players.

Coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo said, “I felt that BNK was young in the beginning, but when I saw them come up in the second half, I felt like they were young, but they had nothing to lose.” It is a fight between Woori Bank, which must be protected, and BNK, which has nothing to lose.

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