Woman pretends to be a mother, tries to take her child, but is caught adopting illegally?

A woman in her 30s was arrested in Daegu for falsely posing as a mother and trying to take a child born to another woman. The woman is believed to have illegally스포츠토토 adopted four newborns in the past through a similar scheme.

According to the Daegu National Police Agency on Aug. 8, police detained A, 37, on suspicion of child trafficking (child trafficking, etc.) for trying to take a baby she did not give birth to after paying a hospital fee to a university hospital on May 5.

Image not related to this article. [Photo: Screen capture from BBC News report].

On March 13, A was arrested by police after a neonatal unit staff member reported that she had tried to take a baby boy born at a university hospital in Nam-gu, Daegu, while pretending to be a mother.

The real mother, Ms. B, gave birth to Mr. C by cesarean section, but left the hospital saying that she would take Mr. C later for postpartum care and disappeared, and later, Ms. A appeared and tried to take the child, but the staff called the police when they realized that she was not the real mother.

During the police investigation, it was confirmed that Ms. B was hospitalized and treated using Ms. A’s personal information, and that Ms. A paid the hospital bill. A was also found to have given the mother money for postpartum care.

Mr. A reportedly denied the allegations, saying he was trying to raise the child himself.

However, it was found that Mr. A had received children from a total of four people, including Ms. B, over the past three years and filed false birth certificates as if they were other people’s children. The police arrested three acquaintances and the mother for child trafficking, and five parents for filing false birth certificates as if they were their own children.

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