Why the late brown rice pampered ‘Piano’ went up for carrot sale, then disappeared

“I’d like to sell the original Japanese piano that Mr. Hyunmi used to own and cherish to someone who will appreciate it. It’s 2.5 million won.”

This was posted on the used goods trading app ‘Carrot Market’ on the 16th of last month. The piano, which had shared 40 years of life with the elderly musician Hyun Mi, who passed away suddenly at the age of 85 in April, appeared for sale.

The poster was her nephew, Lee Jung-min, who was organizing Hyun-mi’s스포츠토토 belongings on behalf of her sons in the United States.

However, Mr. Lee, who posted the post ahead of his move, withdrew the sale after consulting with the bereaved family. “I had a few inquiries (to buy it), but I thought it was too much like an object, so I thought, ‘Oh, no, this is not the right thing, it should be kept by the family for the rest of my life,’ so I withdrew it,” Lee told Yonhap News Agency.

The piano that has been with Hyun-mi for 40 years. Photo Yonhap News YouTube
The piano is a “U1” model, which is known to have been made by Yamaha in Japan since the 1960s. Hyun Mi purchased the piano in 1979, after her breakup with the late composer Lee Bong Jo, and reportedly pampered it for the next 40 years. It was like another member of her family.

Hyun Mi’s second son, Young Jun, told Yonhap News Agency, “My mother touched the piano every day.” “At home, my mother would suddenly play the piano and say, ‘Young Gon, bring out your guitar,’ or ‘You, put in some chords,'” he said. In particular, he said that his mother left a request for him to play ‘Leaving Without Words’ and ‘The Face I Want to See’ on the piano, among other songs released by Hyunmi.

Hyunmi was found collapsed at her home in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on April 4. She was rushed to a nearby hospital following a report from her fan club president Kim Mo, but she later died.

The late singer, who debuted with the song “Night Fog” in 1962, released a number of hits, including “The Face I Want to See” and “No Words When I Leave,” and was beloved for her rare jazz vocals in Korea. In 1965, he sang the theme song for the movie “No Words When I Leave,” directed by Kim Ki-duk and starring Shin Sung-il and Uhm Aeng-ran, and became one of the biggest stars of his time.

Her eldest son, Lee Young-gon, also worked as a singer under the name Goni. The second daughter-in-law is Won Jun-hee, a singer known for her song “Love is Like Glass. She is also the aunt of singer Noh Sa-yeon and actor Han Sang-jin.

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