Why did KOGAS hold an autograph session at Jamsil Gymnasium?

Gas Corporation players reappeared on the away court after the game.

Daegu KOGAS ended its 9-game losing streak by winning 89-66 against Seoul Samsung at the Jamsil Gymnasium on the 18th.

Usually, the court gets cold 30 minutes after the game ends. The rest of the officials cool off by arranging equipment. 온라인바카라However, the coat on this day was hot unlike any other day. Fans waited for someone on the court.

The fans, consisting of young students and families, were waiting for the gas corporation players. After the game, the players rushed back to the court. Fan service continued, such as taking pictures and signing autographs for the fans gathered on the court. Murphy Holloway enjoyed the moment meeting fans without even changing his uniform. The smiles on fans’ faces never stopped.

The question mark raised in this warm scene is that this is not the home stadium of KOGAS. The match was held at Jamsil Gymnasium. It is rare for an away team to hold an autograph session on the home court.

An official from Gas Corporation said, “It is very rare for an away team to hold an autograph session at the home team stadium. Probably not in the future (laughs). Steez, the team’s official equipment sponsor, is running a basketball class. Representative Steez prepared a place for young students to make memories of meeting the players in person. It is neither easy nor common to hold a fan signing event at an away stadium, but the CEO directly asked Samsung for cooperation, and Samsung readily agreed to it, so this strange thing happened,” he explained.

KOGAS, which ended a long 9-game losing streak, presented precious memories to basketball sprouts who are growing thanks to everyone’s consideration and strength. Happiness has doubled since I ended the long 9-game losing streak.

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