Which luxury villa would Blackpink’s Jenny choose?

The House is a villa built in 2007, consisting of 1 building, a large flat with a private area of 244~273㎥, and a total of 7 units. There are three parking spaces per unit and a spacious parking lot. Jenny’s house is said to have two floors with four rooms and three restrooms. The latest sale price for 244 square meters is 6 billion won. As of January 1, 2020, the listing price is 3.427 billion won.

In addition to Jenny, The House has been purchased by two other former YG celebrities. In 2008, singer Sai bought an 83-pyeong unit for 2.57 billion won, and Sean and Jung Hye-young bought the same unit for 3.2 billion won in 2018.

The House’s biggest feature is its high floor height. The floor height is 3.5 meters, more than 1 meter higher than the 2.3 meters of a regular apartment스포츠토토. The living room is connected to each unit’s private garden of about 20 square meters. Wide windows are placed so that you can see the garden from the inside, enhancing the sense of openness.

The House is located in an area with a steep slope, so the second through third floors have views of the Han River. The garden overlooks the Han River. The kitchen is separated from the living area. The main kitchen has an 11-countertop structure and is connected to a secondary kitchen where you can cook odorous dishes separately. The exclusive villa also has a 24-hour security guard, which is said to be in high demand among celebrities.

A real estate official in Hannam-dong said, “The House has been in the spotlight since its construction, as it is rumored to be located in a feng shui area that is considered to be one of the best in the UN Village.” “The high walls ensure complete privacy from the outside world, and each unit has its own private garden, but it is designed to allow for a completely independent residential life.”

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