What You Should Know To Host Your Home Poker Tournament And Be Successful

You have seen poker on TV, maybe played it on the internet, or even in a casino. Now you are ready to try your hand at hosting your own poker tournament at home in your own game room or basement. Hosting your own poker tournament is much more exciting than playing poker on the internet. The loud chatter, cross table body language, the feel of the cards in your hand and the sound of the cards being shuffled are all great aspects of playing poker at home. Best of all is probably the great feeling you have inside when you knock over a big pot of chips or make a good play and get compliments from your friends. Of course, a poorly run poker tournament at home can be a real headache.

In order to run an effective 

tournament competition at home, you need a high 안전놀이터 quality poker table, some high quality poker cards, clay poker chips, some sort of curtain timer clock, and a strategy. Sure you can host a tournament with some cheap cards and chips, but our goal here is to make it feel like a casino experience so your friends will keep coming back and playing in the future.A high quality, professional flannel poker table will make your poker experience that much better but will also be one of your biggest cash investments. If you don’t have a high quality professional poker table and don’t have the budget for one, you can still host a poker tournament without any problem at all.The most important aspect to keep in mind is the overall experience that your poker friends have. If you decide to play on a cheap table, it will be more difficult to deal with chips and collect cards after each hand. Cards will fly across (and sometimes off) the custom made table. If you can’t swing a pro poker table, consider some other options such as a felt table mat or just buy a poker cloth online and cover your table with it. If you are a handyman, consider building your own quality, professional grade poker table; it’s not that challenging.Quality poker playing cards are essential for a successful game. If you buy a cheap two dollar set, they will get dirty, tough, and have bent edges and have to be thrown away after 1 hour of poker play. It’s well worth the investment to spend money on some 100% high quality proven poker cards. They will perform better and last longer. You can even clean it if it gets dirty. You need at least two decks of cards for every poker table. This allows one poker game to go haywire at one deal which keeps the game pace going which is important when you are playing with expensive blind levels and timers. You should also get at least one cut card for each table to help avoid the end of the deck being revealed.Poker chips are absolutely necessary to host serious tournaments. There is a wide selection of poker chips on the web that vary in price from pennies per chip to dollars per chip. You don’t have to have expensive chips to have fun in your tournaments. Chips also come with or without a cash value. Poker chips with cash values ​​can be very handy, but aren’t necessary. Chips without a cash value can be more versatile as you can allocate any value to them. If you choose to use chips without money values, just publish a graph of the value of each colored chip. The amount of chips you need will depend a lot on the number of poker players attending your home poker tournament. Make sure you have enough chips so that each poker game has enough chips to make the right poker bets.There are many options for electronic curtain timers. You can use a simple egg timer although this becomes very painful to manage as one has to completely reset it for every blind change and it can be hard to see sometimes. Poker Genie is a great option, or there are many programs you can get that will run on laptops and you can even project your laptop onto your television screen. You can also purchase a professional curtain timer and mount it to the wall in your game room if you are a frequent player.Finally, you need a strategy. You should know ahead of time what your buy-in price will be, whether you will allow re-buys, how much your cashout will be and what your overall blind structure will be like. Your buy-in and rebuy must be clearly explained to people when you invite them to your tournament. No one wants to show up with $20 in their wallet to find out you bought $30 in game. The payout must be made and the payout structure must be either presented to the players or posted on a wall for them to see. Publishing your rule on the wall or via email will disappear.

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