What about ‘director Ki Sung-yong’… After the UEFA Leadership Training [Kagoshima SS site]

Ki Sung-yong (35, FC Seoul) moved to Wales, England during a break at the end of last year to receive coaching training. He, who is undergoing a European Football Federation (UEFA) B-class license process, took a peek at the English Premier League (EPL) club training system and tactical trends he had lain in the past, and drew attention by reuniting with coach Rafael Benitez (Spain) of the ‘old gift’.토토사이트

On the 14th, Ki Sung-yong, who met at the team’s hotel in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, the second winter training camp in Seoul, laughed and said, “I studied and learned a lot.” He is still in his twilight years as an outstanding class, but he draws several pictures for the future in the off-season. His leadership training stemmed from a desire to feel the world football trend rather than simply having a dream of being a ‘coach’ in mind. However, after hearing his thoughts and vision, I wondered what the future ‘director Ki Sung-yong’ would be like.

Ki Seong-yong said, “I think I met a lot of people during the coaching training and talked about soccer and coaching. Soccer has many philosophies and tactics. What I was most curious about is the difference between what a manager or coach sees and what a player sees, and I wanted to feel the difference in detail.” He also said, “Isn’t the management of the leader managing the players important these days? He got to think a lot about that too,” he added.

The first thing he considered in narrowing the gap between the leader and the player and building trust was to focus on ‘what the player is good at’. “Basically, I am interested in identifying the strengths of players. Leadership that leads players to perform as well as possible (in practice) is not easy, but I want to study more about it.”

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