Victims of the Busan Karaoke bar incident “join the petition for severe punishment of the perpetrator”

The family of the victims of the ‘Busan Song Bar’ incident (reported on page 10 of the April 20 issue of the Busan Daily), in which the owner of a bar in Dong-gu, Busan was indiscriminately assaulted by a man in his 50s who came as a customer, started collecting petitions for severe punishment. Currently, interest is so hot that more than 3,000 people have put their names on the petition for severe punishment.

On the 22nd, Mr. A, the daughter of the victim, said, “We are collecting petitions for severe punishment of the perpetrator.” Mr. A said, “Her mother suffered a terrible incident at her store, which she had been running for 22 years alone, and she only repeated that she did not want to live anymore for a while. She is still in tears,” she said. She went on to say, “It is so unfair and indignant that there is nothing I can do to see my mother’s face covered in bruises.” do,” he said.

The petition for severe punishment is at the link메이저놀이터 ( https :// /52UuzQqRjYA1E9MC7) to access it. After being indiscriminately assaulted by a man without a face in CCTV’s blind spot, the victim’s fear of reprisal crime and the appearance of collecting petitions on their own is similar to the ‘Busan round kick’ case .

The victim mother and daughter in the ‘Busan Singing Bar’ case are in a position to stop her livelihood for fear of retaliation, but they are having a hard time knowing who the perpetrators are. It is pointed out that the laws and systems established under the pretext of protecting the rights of the suspect keep pushing the victim away from the essence of the case.

Meanwhile, Mr. B, the mother of Mr. A, was indiscriminately assaulted by Mr. C, a man in his 50s, at a karaoke bar in Choryang-dong, Dong-gu, which he ran at 1:50 am on the 18th of last month. Mr. C visited a song bar with 8 people in his party at 0:00 that day. Later, at around 1:40 am, after calculating his alcohol bill, he pretended to go out with the party, then went back alone and assaulted Mr. B who was coming out of the bathroom.

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