Until making 10 billion won in annual sales with pasta… The reason why there is no hair on the back of the head of opportunity

When you arrive at the terrace where the sunlight is pouring under a red tent in an alley slightly off the roadside of Yongsan, Seoul, lined with high-rise buildings, it seems as if the Pacific Ocean breeze is blowing from somewhere. ‘ SAM SAM SAM ‘ (hereafter referred to as ‘ Sam Sam Sam’) , a restaurant that imitates the atmosphere of San Francisco, USA, has established itself as a landmark and landmark in Yongnidan-gil, the hottest neighborhood in Seoul following Seongsu and Hannam. 8 out of 10 so-called ‘ hot

places’ in Seoul appear in a flash and then disappear without a rumor. In the middle of the fierce city, the average wait time for 2 years here is 2 hours. There is no sign that the momentum of the waiting line will subside in the future. It’s a ‘ hot place with guts ‘. Let’s look around the corner wearing ‘Sam, Sam, Sam’. This time, Paris, France, unfolds in a small way. Following the savory smell of butter, we met ‘ Teddybeur House ‘, a bakery specializing in croissants. From pastries with jambong ham to croissants coated with sugar like donuts, unique dessert bread spreads out like a different world. This place, which captivated the hearts of bread lovers and cafe pilgrims at the same time, also recently caught fire with the waiting momentum of Yongnidan-gil.

It is actually one person who created these two large intestine brands that represent Sinyongsan. If you look at the face of this character, a perfect youth movie is popping up. I started as a kitchen assistant at a 7-pyeong restaurant without a culinary school diploma and advanced to a Michelin 3-star restaurant. However, in the kitchen of Fine Dining, where Le Cordon Bleu chefs were lined up, he was a ‘ fundamental outsider ‘. He wandered around the world with a kitchen knife, and whenever he met a restaurant he liked, he reluctantly insisted on ‘let me work for him’. In that way, he absorbed food culture around the world to the fullest, and his sense of bulking up as an ‘omnivore’ made him an extraordinary food and beverage ( F&B ) planner. The story of the career of First Penguin, who

pioneered his own trajectory by heading to the ground, interviewed in the 3rd issue of ‘The Ground Breaker’ .

“I am obviously a failure, I thought then. Now that I am embarrassed, how do I meet people?”

twenty- five He’s too young to put the gloomy stigma of ‘failure’ on his life. Twenty-five-year-old Hun desperately wanted to escape. Otherwise, I thought I would suffocate and die in the stigma of failure. As soon as I left the gosiwon, I bought a plane ticket to the United States. A different life in ‘ somewhere but here ‘ was desperate.

When I was about to leave, I had no money saved up. Did you say you can get through it? When I looked it up, there were people lending out their sofas for free for such needy backpackers. It was also the first time I knew that it was called ‘ Couch Surfing ‘. I was looking for a host to spend the night in New York, my first destination. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Asian male travelers were the least popular guests among the hosts.

After deliberation, I made a number. I wrote this in my email. ‘Have you ever tried Korean food? I’ll set you up a delicious traditional Korean meal. Lend me your sofa instead!’ I began to send pictures of colorful Korean food with all five colors. just as expected. Since then, the acceptance rate for Couch has gone up. He hurriedly packed the kitchen knife that had been responsible for his own cooking for five years into his carrier. Twenty-five-year-old Kim Hoon did not know at the time how much this moment would turn the rudder of his life later .

“I can’t believe there were so many different Korean dishes that I could cook with 6 years of self-catering experience. But foreigners really like it. Wherever you go and whoever you meet, after eating something together, you quickly become close, right? I did too. Traveling with a knife was fun. Maybe I could make a living as a cook, to the point where I thought that. The power of food works everywhere in the world.”

So he started wandering around the world with his kitchen knife, like a man with a reverse marshal My favorite menu was sweet soy sauce bulgogi and salad-like bibimbap. It was a dish that took into consideration the taste buds of foreigners who stick out their tongues even with a little bit of spicy taste.

“Seeing happiness spread across people’s faces is the biggest charm of cooking. That’s probably the same feeling for anyone who cooks, whether you’re a chef or a housewife.”

‘ eat‘ is very primitive. It is the most essential act in life, something that everything that is alive and moving does without missing out on a daily basis. So feeding someone is a very kind and intimate expression of affection. Just look at the word for those who belong to the same fence, ‘family’ means ‘people who share a meal in the same house’. At this time, Mr. Hun felt as if he had become a wizard . Being able to open up and walk into a stranger’s heart and give them instant happiness was truly magical.

Returning home with the mindset of ‘I want to become a chef’, the place he headed straight for wasn’t a cooking school or culinary academy. It was a small pasta restaurant about 10 pyeong that was closest to my room . The main chef she met at her first restaurant was an older brother of three or four years old, not even thirty. Hoon was just a part-time kitchen assistant , but the chef hyung passed on everything he knew. He was right in his expectation that since it is a small place, there would be more room for learning by doing it yourself. He could tell at a glance how the hall as well as the kitchen was running. Learning diligently here, Mr. Hoon realized. ‘ Huh? Do I really enjoy cooking? You can’t miss it “

I was convinced that there would be much more to learn in the field than in school. Actually, I couldn’t afford to go to school. Even if I started late, I think I had the confidence that I could overcome the weakness of being a non-major if I had a sense. He has worked in a variety of ways, from a pasta restaurant to a fusion Japanese restaurant to a brunch restaurant and a meat restaurant. I came to know about it while trying out trendy foods that are popular among young people. After all, what I want to do is business . I didn’t just want to cook, I wanted to do business with cooking.”

Whenever Hoon met a restaurant he liked during his travels, he blindly knocked on the kitchen door. And I pushed it recklessly. ‘I just want to help out for a day or two. I wonder how this food can come out. I really want to experience the atmosphere of the kitchen스포츠토토.”

Do you really want to work this way? But no one refused . Ten after ten, he willingly opened the kitchen door. At that time, Mr. Hoon felt once again that there is no chef who will not open his heart in front of compliments that his food is delicious. That’s how he learned multinational recipes over his shoulder. At some point, Mr. Hoon’s travel luggage bag was equipped with cooking shoes and a hilt. I always had the engine running so that whenever and wherever I came across a restaurant I liked, I could learn the job right away.

“In Africa, I worked at a ‘ Tanzanian Pancake ‘ shop. It’s a pancake, but I used rice flour, not wheat flour, for the batter. It was very similar to Korean Bindaetteok. The strange thing is that chapati made with rice is particularly chewy, and mashed potatoes or curry are added to it. It was like a French crepe. It was a simple food to eat as a meal replacement, but this is really amazingly delicious.”

I spent hundreds of dollars on a meal while sleeping on a bunk bed in a cheap hostel. I didn’t save money on food. Trying new food that I hadn’t tried before was the best experience and study I could have as a chef.

“ I will never forget the shock of the first time I ate hummus in the Middle East. I had never seen chickpeas before, but I never imagined that a spread made with soybeans would be so delicious. Hummus is now available in Korea, but even 10 years ago, it was hard to find in Korea. I couldn’t forget the taste, so I went looking for chickpea and sesame paste even after returning to Korea. I try to make it by myself in my own room and get frustrated saying ‘it doesn’t taste like this’… That was all studying.”

“I went to Australia because there is a world-renowned culinary school , Le Cordon Bleu . Tuition fees alone cost close to 100 million won per semester. In the first few years, I learned the basics by experiencing various kitchens, and I tried to enter school with the money I saved.”

He needed a Le Cordon Bleu diploma and for one reason. To make a ‘ Korean style resume ‘ pretty. Food and beverage ( F&B ) companies that hire college graduates for open recruitment required resume rather than experience. A line of specs such as ‘graduating from a certain school’ was considered more important than the actual capabilities he had.

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