“TV license fee alone is 85,000 won per month”… Complaints from the gym operator

Controversy is brewing when a gym operator appeals for unfairness, saying that he is paying 85,000 won per month for a TV license. This is because KBS collected license fees for 34 TVs according to the number of TV monitors on the treadmill, regardless of whether or not the channel was watched . On the 13th, a post containing this content was posted on the online community ‘Bobaedream’. The writer, who introduced himself as running a gym, posted a photo of his electricity bill for last May. He said, “This is the electricity bill I have been paying for the business for 10 years. If you look here, 85,000 won per month as a TV license fee is being charged separately from the electricity bill.” The writer said , “This is because of the TVs attached to each treadmill in the gym . These days, in any gym, every aerobic machine has a TV installed for the convenience of members or a TV monitor built into the front panel of the machine .” It is the law to pay a TV license fee for the number of receivers of all broadcasts , regardless of whether or not you watch KBS broadcasts.

“On these devices, which are common in gyms , even if you don’t watch TV , delete the KBS channel, or play the video stored in the USB , you have to pay a license메이저놀이터 fee of 2,500 won per device .

In fact , KBS charges a license fee according to the number of TVs owned by public facilities such as gyms . In the case of a refund of the license fee, it must be proven that you paid the license fee even though there is no TV at home or business, and you must be recognized to receive the license fee for up to 3 months. Meanwhile ,

the government is announcing an amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Broadcasting Act for separate collection of TV license fees, which prohibits the current practice of adding TV license fees to the electricity bill collected by KEPCO .

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