Tottenham fans rushed to request “Cut the Conte right away” even in ‘SON congratulatory message’

The future of Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is bleak.

A lot happened after the match between Tottenham and Southampton in the 28th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23스포츠토토 season held on the 19th (Korean time). Conte’s anger exploded when Tottenham drew 3-3.

At the press conference at the time, manager Conte said, “Tottenham is not a team. 11 people are just running around,” he said. There are selfish players. There are players who don’t try to help their teammates. No matter which coach comes, it will not change.”

“It was the worst game ever. I can’t possibly watch it Players shouldn’t look for excuses. If the team is sluggish, the club that recruited the player takes responsibility. Managers and coaches are also responsible. But the players try not to take responsibility. Where are the players’ responsibilities? He pointed out that 11 players are selfish people who only think of themselves.”

It’s not easy to see a team’s coach berate the players to this extent. Some criticize Conte for his out-of-body technique. Others supported him, saying, “Nothing Conte said was wrong.”
Eventually, even in a place to celebrate, Conte was mentioned. In this match, Son Heung-min recorded his 50th assist in the Premier League. Tottenham celebrated Son Heung-min’s 50th assist through the club’s social media.

In the post, Tottenham fans insisted on announcing the change of manager through social media, saying, “Fire coach Conte immediately,” “Tell me about the news of the manager’s resignation,” and “I want to hear the news that coach Conte is leaving the team.”

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