This time, Chuncheon’s ‘rip-off’… “25,000 won for three 10cm potato pancakes”

Controversy continues over the price of food sold at local festivals스포츠토토. This time, the price of food sold at the Chuncheon Makguksu Festival in Gangwon-do rose to the top of the cutting board.

On the 19th, an article titled ‘Chuncheon Makguksu Festival food status’ was posted on an online community.

Writer A, who went to the ‘Makguksu Chicken Ribs Festival’ held in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do for six days from the 13th, said, ” Three potato pancakes with a diameter of 10 cm were 25,000 won, and a serving of chicken ribs was 14,000 won. ” he wrote.

At the same time, Mr. A posted a photo of the potato pancakes and chicken ribs he bought and complained, “This isn’t a festival, but a crime to try something.” Netizens who saw the poor potato pancakes and chicken ribs and prices in Mr. A’s photo said, “Let’s not just buy and eat them.

” I understand that it is excessively expensive, but it is not acceptable that the amount is too small.”

Recently, controversy over price gouging for local festival food continues.

Last May, at the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival in Jeollanam-do, reviews were reported that a bowl of fish cake cost 10,000 won at a street vendor near the festival site, incurring outrage. Earlier this month, a small amount of whole pig barbecue was sold for 40,000 won at the Environmental Love Festival in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, causing controversy.

On the 4th, after an entertainment program showed a merchant selling a 1.5kg bag of old-fashioned snacks for 70,000 won at the Yeongyang Wild Vegetables Festival in Gyeongbuk, the criticism intensified, and the Yeongyang-gun Office issued an apology to the public.

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