There was no deliberation or agreement… One way push in 9 days

As the Korea Communications Commission moves in less than 10 days메이저놀이터 after the presidential office recommended it, there are voices of concern about the hasty handling without social consensus.

From the public proposal discussion, which is in fact an online opinion poll, to the beginning of the revision process, KBS , the main party , has been excluded from the discussion.

Reporter Kim Yoo-dae reports.

[Report] Separate collection of

TV license fees is an issue that was not included in the Presidential task or the Korea Communications Commission’s work plan.

Internet polls that have not been proven by official statistics are just the basis, and have not undergone minimal review and discussion.

The opposition party’s Korea Communications Commission protested that there is a procedural problem in pushing an agenda with a large social ripple effect with the consent of only two people in a situation where the chairperson is vacant.

[Soundbite] Kim Hyeon/Standing Member of Korea Communications Commission : “There is data requested (President’s office), but we did not receive it properly, so this meeting should receive sufficient data and have a meeting based on it, but it is very regrettable that that part did not work properly.” ] The government has excluded the opinion of KBS

, a major party in the process . There has never been an official opinion collection process, and all KBS voluntarily submitted an opinion to the National Proposal Review Committee.

Concerns were also raised about the disappearance of discussions on the role of public broadcasting and how to establish financial resources accordingly.

[Soundbite] Choi Woo-jung/Professor of Police Administration, Keimyung University/Vice President of Korea Media Law Association : “Even though the constitutional function of public broadcasting should be actively developed and formulated, if such legislation is reversed, even if it is administrative legislation. It can be seen that this does not correspond to the purpose of the Broadcasting Act or the order of the legislature related to broadcasting.”] The

Korea Communications Commission plans to make a legislative notice of the amendment to the Enforcement Decree this week.

Afterwards, the revision process can be completed within three months at the earliest after passing through the Korea Communications Commission’s resolution and the review of the Ministry of Government Legislation.

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