The retirement match of the ‘Korean Zombie’ that made the ‘old man’ cry 

The new word No cap means ‘I’m sincere.’ Since cap is a slang term meaning ‘lie,’ no cap can also be interpreted as ‘not a lie.’ I will write with sincerity as the name of the column suggests.

‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-Sung Jeong poses at an online press conference held ahead of UFC Fight Night in October in Sangam-dong, Seoul on the 31st. (Connectivity provided) 2020.8.31/News1 ⓒ News1 Reporter Jinhwan Kim

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Seunghwan Lee = It was physical education class during my first year of high school. He sprained his right shoulder while practicing volleyball. At that moment, a ‘popping’ sound was vividly heard in my ears. Without realizing it, I screamed ‘evil’. His shoulder was dislocated. Once a shoulder is dislocated, it often worsens into a habitual dislocation. The pain is so excruciating that it feels like a whole piece of raw flesh is being torn off.

About 10 years ago, in August 2013, it was a featherweight match at UFC, the world’s largest martial arts organization. A Korean player in his 20s faced champion Jose Aldo (27 years old at the time). It was an even match that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Then, at the beginning of the fourth round, the upper body of the man who was trading punches with Aldo looked unusual. As I heard the ‘evil’ scream, I felt it intuitively. His right shoulder was dislocated.

◇’How is that possible?’

Meanwhile, the man tried to hit his shoulder with his left hand. Aldo did not miss and threw a series of kicks toward his shoulder. I covered my mouth with my hand and shouted in my head, “Stop, stop now, we have to stop the game.” This is because it is clear that there must have been excruciating pain, as if the whole raw flesh had been torn off.

However, the man instead advanced towards becoming a champion. It was an amazing fighting spirit. Aldo also seemed a bit embarrassed. The match ended with Aldo winning, but it was the man who was impressive. Anyone who has experienced a shoulder dislocation will sympathize. ‘How is that possible?’ ‘How were you going to continue in that pain?’

His name is Chan-seong Jeong (36). He is Korea’s best martial arts athlete, famous for his ring name ‘Korean Zombie’. Martial arts fans around the world were enthralled by his fight, which he fought until the end without giving up like a zombie. When Chan-Sung Jung walks into the octagonal ring ‘Octagon’, fans sing along to his entrance song ‘Zombie’ (The Cranberries song). UFC President Dana White also showed his ‘fan spirit’ by wearing a ‘Korean Zombie’ T-shirt.

After the Aldo fight, I watched all of his games and interviews. I could feel how serious he was about fighting. In April last year, another opportunity came to Chan-Sung Jeong. This was his second title fight in 8 years and 8 months. The opponent was Alexander Volkanovski (35), the current featherweight champion and considered the best fighter in UFC history.카지노사이트

The champion’s performance was more overwhelming than expected. Chan-Sung Jeong’s face was covered in blood and swollen. I shouted to myself, “Stop, stop now.” During the one-minute break after the third round, the second (the person who looks after the player during the game) asked Chan-seong Jeong. “Can you do more?” However, it was already ‘zombie mode’. Chan-Sung Jeong showed his will to play, saying, “I will do it.”

The result of the match was Volkanovski’s victory. Chan-Sung Jeong made comments contemplating his retirement in an interview immediately after the game. “I feel like I can no longer be a champion. I don’t know if it’s right to continue doing this (fighting sports).”

After appearing on a popular entertainment program in May of last year, Jeong revealed much more complicated feelings. “I love martial arts too much (to retire). It’s driving me crazy.” His wife also appeared on this program and spoke in tears. She said, “I think it’s a great happiness for us to be able to do something that my husband loves together.”

◇ ‘Zombie mode’ until the end

Chan-Sung Jeong’s most recent match was against Max Holloway (32) held in Singapore on the 26th of last month. After two rounds, the victory was already tilted towards Holloway, the number one ranked featherweight. Chan-Sung Jeong must have known at the time. When the third round sound rang, he advanced without fail. He had a fighting spirit, determined to fight fiercely rather than endure and avoid. I felt motivated to burn the flame, even if only for the sake of his fans.

This time he didn’t internally shout ‘Stop, stop now’. If it’s Chan Sung Jeong, he’s a ‘Korean Zombie’ and he’ll fight until the end even though he knows he’ll lose. After the game ended, the winner, Holloway, showed courtesy by supporting the loser, Chan Sung Jeong. Chan-sung Jeong declared his retirement, saying, “I’m done with this,” and the audience chanted for “zombie,” not the winner. It was a scene that marked the end of his 16-year playing career.

Chan-Sung Jeong seemed to have suffered so much that he wanted to call him ‘brother’, who is five years younger than him. Then his wife scolded him, saying, “Be disciplined.” But Chan-Sung Jeong’s game was like that. Even ‘Ajae’ (Uncle), who has overcome the hardships of life and is heading towards middle age, was moved by something that made his heart beat like a young man. If you love your work, you will fall in love with it and eventually become a craftsman. We support the second chapter of the life of ‘martial arts master’ Chan-Sung Jeong.

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