The reason why BNK found strength, the return of Kim Han-byul, the final boss

With the return of the final boss, BNK also regained its strength.

Busan BNK Some defeated Incheon Shinhan Bank 60-34 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball held at the Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th. Won the first Changwon game after the club was founded. With a record of 14 wins and 12 losses, Shinhan Bank (15 wins, 12 losses) in third place was chased by half a game. One game difference from second place Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (15-11).바카라사이트

There are many young players with great potential for development in BNK, but there are not enough veterans to catch them. It was like that even in the 2020-2021 season. So, the core of BNK’s 2021 off-season was ‘veteran reinforcement’. We tried to recruit players who could bring the team to a high level.

This was the reason for bringing Kim Han-byul (178cm, F), who was the FINAL MVP in the 2020-2021 season. The result obtained through the triangular trade between Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Bucheon Hana 1Q. It was a player who was recruited even by giving away the existing main scorer, Bead (180cm, F), and the 1st round of the 2021-2022 draft.

However, Hanbyul Kim was quite old. Born in 1986. I was in my mid 30’s. He also had a wrist injury after the 2020-2021 season due to chronic knee pain. He needed surgery and body care. Even if he recovers his body, Kim Han-byul’s recovery of condition and performance cannot be guaranteed.

However, Kim Han-byeol showed his natural versatility and spirit. Kim Han-byul dominated the second half of the 2021-2022 season, and BNK miraculously made it to the playoffs. First playoff advance. Kim Han-byul’s capabilities upgraded BNK.

And BNK dreams of ‘advancing to the playoffs for two consecutive seasons’. Kim Han-byul’s mission has become bigger. Because he became the team’s new captain. “Winning DNA” must be implanted in young players. Kim Hanbyul’s shoulders grew heavier.

However, Kim Han-byeol suffered from poor physical condition from the middle to the second half of the season. He also missed quite a few games. Due to Kim Han-byul’s absence, there were many matches where BNK was shaken. I was pushed out of the fight for 2nd place. If Shinhan Bank loses, second place will not be a reality for BNK.

That’s why Kim Han-byul’s performance against Shinhan Bank was important. Active from the start. After scoring the team’s first goal with 3 points, BNK’s vitality was boosted with a goal and a kick-out pass following penetration under the goal.

The young players felt a sense of security. The young players’ sense of stability was linked to their active karate movements. BNK, which moved actively in both offense and defense, took a 14-5 lead in 3 minutes and 19 seconds of the game.

However, Kim Han-byul’s condition is not 100%. Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, also said before the game, “We have to adjust the playing time.” So, 4 minutes and 51 seconds before the end of the first quarter, Kim Han-byul was called to the bench.

However, Kim Han-byul could not rest for long. It was because when Kim Han-byul was absent, BNK’s performance plummeted. Kim Han-byul was put on the court after about a minute of rest. BNK’s momentum was boosted once again by defending under the goal, rebounding in the air, and participating in the fast attack. BNK, which gained momentum, finished the first quarter with a score of 25-18.

Kim Han-byeol showed vision and passing from the second quarter. Kim Han-byeol, who took a post-up position in the right corner, threw the ball at Kim Si-on (175cm, G), who was 45 degrees to the left. Kim Si-on, who received the ball from Kim Han-byul, scored 3 points. BNK ran away with 31-18.

Kim Han-byul’s pass did not end there. Kick-out pass from the free-throw line after a short break. Ahn Hye-ji (164cm, G), who received the ball, scored 3 points. After Ahn Hye-ji scored 3 points, BNK widened the gap with Shinhan Bank. The first half ended 46-25.

The score difference was large. Victory was not confirmed, but it was difficult for the gap between BNK and Shinhan Bank to close soon. Conditions for Kim Han-byul to rest have been secured.

Kim Han-byeol returned to the court 2 minutes and 25 seconds into the third quarter. He blocked Shinhan Bank’s offense with defense and rebounds. He did not allow Shinhan Bank to ignite any embers. Thanks to this, BNK confirmed their victory early. BNK, which was joined by the final boss, was definitely strong.

[Comparison of major records of both teams] (BNK ahead)
– 2-point shot success rate: about 48% (19/48) – about 33% (15/46)
– 3-point shot success rate: about 33% (8/24) – about 22 %(7/32)
– Free Throw Success Rate: Approx. 85%(11/13)-62.5%(10/16)
– Rebound: 47(Attack 15)-43(Attack 19)
– Assists: 21-9
– Turnovers: 8-6
– Steals: 5-4
– Blocked shots: 2-1

[Records of major players of both teams]
1. Busan BNK Some
– Lee So-hee: 33 minutes 36 seconds, 20 points (3 points: 4/8), 3 assists, 1 rebound, 1 steal
– Jinan: 33 minutes 26 seconds, 18 points (2 points: 7/11) 12 rebounds (attack 3) 2 block shots 1 assist 1 steal
– Han Eom-ji: 26:21, 11 points (2 points: 4/7) 12 rebounds (attack 4)
– Ahn Hye-ji: 36:21, 10 Points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals
2. Incheon Shinhan Bank
– Kim Jin-young: 33 minutes 2 seconds, 16 points, 7 rebounds (attack 2), 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block shot
– Yoo Seung-hee: 22 minutes 40 seconds, 10 points, 11 rebounds (attack 5) 2 Steel 1 Assist

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