“The pitch itself is not as good as Ahn Woo-jin” Admiration of the enemy, Moon Dong-joo’s 160 km baseball has begun

 “I don’t think I’m a rookie player. I think I’m a player as good as a foreign player and I’ll prepare.” said that it would fully acknowledge and prepare for its capabilities. The player who coach Kim did not spare in ‘praise’ was second-year right-hander Moon Dong-ju (20), the future of Hanwha and the future of the KBO League. Moon Dong-ju, who has the ability to easily throw a ball over 150 km per hour, joined the starting rotation this year and turned the possibility into reality.

Coach Kim, who must have thoroughly analyzed his power ahead of the confrontation, said, “If you analyze the first pitch, it seems that your pitch and control are much better than last year.” said.

Of course, there may be a meaning of praise for the opponent, but Moon Dong-ju immediately showed in the game that coach Kim’s evaluation was not very wrong스포츠토토. On the 12th, against KIA in Gwangju, he opened the era of ‘160km’ by throwing the fastest ball as a domestic player in the history of the KBO League.

Moon Dong-ju started against Gwangju KIA on the 12th and threw a 160.1 km/h fastball on the 3rd pitch against Park Chan-ho, the second hitter in the first inning, and caught a looking strikeout. It was a ball so fast that Park Chan-ho looked up at the sky for a moment, but he even entered the low course well. This ball, which was measured in various ways from 159 to 161 km, remained in the history of the KBO League as an official 160.1 km.

In the history of the KBO league, the player who threw the ball over 160 km was Redames Leeds (former LG), but there was no domestic player. According to the official KBO record, the previous record was 158.7 km, thrown by Choi Dae-sung (Lotte at the time) against Jang Seong-ho in the 7th match against Hanwha on September 7, 2012. Moon Dong-ju passed 159 km and entered 160 km immediately. For the time being, it is evaluated as a record that is difficult to break unless it is Moon Dong-ju.

What I’m more excited about is that it’s still April, and I’m still 20 years old. If you look at the KBO league’s past restraint rankings, there were quite a few cases where the body was sufficiently relaxed and the record came out in September when the day was good. There is no case of 160 km since April like Moon Dong-ju. It is enough to have the expectation that a ball exceeding 160.1 km will come out when the day warms up and the shoulders become more relaxed.

In addition, Moon Dong-ju is now a 20-year-old player in his second year, and if he gains strength through more systematic training in the future, there is a possibility that he will be able to throw the ball faster enough. While attention is focusing on whether he will be able to renew the KBO league restraints one after another while avoiding injury variables, it is certainly nice to see that a player who can capture the attention of many with ‘redemption’ has now appeared in the KBO League.

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