‘The One and Only’ Kim Yeon-kyung, looking at ‘next’ from the highest place

 “I have never been noisy while playing volleyball.” set the score to 3-0 (25-17, 25-18, 25-19). 토토사이트

Heungkuk Life Insurance made 63 cumulative points (21 wins and 7 losses) and finally pushed Hyundai Engineering & Construction to become the leader in the league, overturning the rankings in 5 rounds. It is the first place in 106 days since last November 1st. 

On the 11th, the previous game, against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, there was an opportunity to recapture first place at home against 5,800,000 spectators. However, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team, which was shaken by the burden at the time, collapsed rapidly from the first set and missed the lead right in front of their eyes. 

However, Hyundai E&C, who played the game right after, lost consecutively to Korea Expressway Corporation due to weakening performance, and once again the ‘No. 1 rope’ came down from the sky.

Kim Yeon-kyung fiercely seized heavenly luck with 19 points in this game and an attack success rate of 63.33%. Yelena scored 16 points, and Lee Joo-ah supported the back with 10 points.

In July of last year, an official was heard that Kim Yeon-kyung would return to Heungkuk Life after a year. The response was literally a lottery. At the time, Kim Yeon-kyung joined the club a few months after former manager Kwon Soon-chan took over. Heungkuk Life Insurance was struggling in 6th place in the league just before Kim Yeon-kyung left. 

And when Kim Yeon-kyung returned, Heungkuk Life Insurance immediately fought a two-top battle with Hyundai E&C and magically stood at the top of the league. Individual players showed another foreign mercenary-level performance, such as 1st place in league attack with an average attack success rate of 46%, 1st place in time difference attack 61.15%, and 1st place in domestic players with 530 accumulated points. 

With a performance that is unbelievable that he is a 36-year-old player in the ranks of veterans, he created a sensation that sold out in both the metropolitan area and the province, and worked the magic that only ‘world class’ can do. Recently, they actively participated in the restoration of damage from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and carried out a fundraising campaign with fans, showing good influence by exceeding 500 million won in a short period of time. 

‘The One And Only’ 

This is the title given to Kim Yeon-kyung in 2021 by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). It is a high praise that means a ‘one-of-a-kind’ player in the event. 

At the time, Kim Yeon-kyung said in an interview with Volleyball World, which is officially operated by FIVB, “Playing on the national team and playing in a famous foreign league is not a dream destination, but the beginning of a new phase in my long journey.”

And Kim Yeon-kyung put down the Taegeuk mark that she had worn for 10 years after the Tokyo Olympics held in the same year. It was the next step on the way to another journey. Afterwards, Kim Yeon-kyung played an active part in the Chinese league and returned to Korea. Returning to the domestic league was also a preparation step to move forward. Kim Yeon-kyung is now contemplating another next step.

Regarding the recent retirement rumors in the volleyball world, Kim Yeon-kyung, whom I met after the Pepper Savings Bank match, dismissed, saying, “It’s a lie if you say you don’t have any thoughts.” 

Could it be that various troubles that have been turbulent lately, along with the resignation of former manager Kwon Soon-chan, have been holding back his ankles? Regarding this, Kim Yeon-kyung shook her hand, saying, “I have never been fussed while playing volleyball.” 

He continued, “It’s not because of recent events, but I’ve always thought that it would be good to come down when I was in a high place or the direction I was going to go. 

Retirement is not a sure thing. He added very carefully, “It has not been confirmed. If you wait, I will coordinate well with the club within this season and tell you.” 

She made her professional debut in 2005 and has grown into a giant for 18 years, leading the Korean women’s volleyball team. It is not easy for her to imagine Kim Yeon-kyung walking a different path than being a volleyball player. Fans support Kim Yeon-kyung’s future move, but on the other hand, they actively express their opinion that they want to see him furiously stroking her coat for a longer period of time.

It is his position as a player that he will do his best to win the team during the season. 

Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life Insurance will set out to consolidate first place against GS Caltex at the Jangchung Gymnasium on the 19th (Sun). 

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