The enemy commander also exclaimed, “You said you couldn’t attack? Kim Min-jae was blocking it.”

It’s not that our attack failed. Didn’t Kim Min-jae block it?”

These words came out of the mouth of the adversary. From some point on, Kim Min-jae’s impregnable defense became a constant that must be acknowledged and passed on.

Napoli defeated Torino 4-0 in the home game of the 27th round of Italian Serie A in the 2022-2023 season held at Stadio Olimpico Grande in Turin스포츠토토, Italy on the 20th (Korean time). The victory was close by, widening the gap with Lazio in second place to as much as 19 points.

It was an overwhelming performance. First, Victor Osimen, the top scorer in Serie A, scored multiple goals and led the team’s attack.

Next was defense. Torito’s 9 shots were blocked with no goals.

Rather, it defended efficiently with fewer fouls than Torino. Torino could not take a single goal even after taking an equal fight in ball possession.

Also at the center was Napoli’s starting center back Kim Min-jae. He blocked Torino’s attack with unchanging solid defense.

It was numerically excellent enough to record 100% (3/3) round competition win rate, 2nd place in clearing, 4 ball steals, and 2 recoveries. The build-up play that paved the way for Napoli’s attack also stood out.

Turin coach Ivan Yuryć also acknowledged it. He shook his head when a question came up pointing out Antonio Sanabria, the team’s main striker, for the scoreless rout.

Coach Yurichi said, “Sanabria couldn’t do it. The player who stopped him was none other than Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae is one of the best defenders in the world. Against such a player, any striker has no choice but to struggle.”

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