[The 10th National Prestigious High School Baseball Championship] Chungam High School Pitcher Park Geon-woo

Chungam High School (director Lee Young-bok)스포츠토토 defeated Bukil High School (director Lee Sang-gun) in the first game of Group D on the first day of the opening day of the 10th National High School Baseball Championship held at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang-gun, Busan on the 8th.

Chungam High School, which made its first appearance in the prestigious high school baseball competition, enjoyed victory by beating Bukil High School 5-0 that day. With the pitcher having an advantage due to wind blowing inward from the outfield throughout the game, Chungam High School blocked Bukil High School’s bat well until the end of the game.

Pitcher Park Geon-woo (18, picture) was the driving force behind the victory in this game. As a sophomore, he made a mark by showing good pitching in his first game at the first national tournament this year. He faced 19 batters in 5.2 innings, striking out 11 while giving up only one hit and one walk, tying the opposing bats tightly. Even in the attacking innings of Bukil High School in the top of the 9th inning, right before his first win, he could not find any shake at all. He struck out the opposing team’s cleanup trio, caught a grounder on first base, and a floating ball in left field, locking the bolt.

Park Gun-woo said, “I was in very good condition today, and I threw with the thought of catching the first pitch and struck out a lot.” Park Gun-woo suffered an elbow injury last season and did not play many matches. He returned to his season after winter rehabilitation and weight training. Park Gun-woo said, “I am slowly raising my pace without overdoing it. Rather, he showed confidence, saying, “In the wake of the injury, he worked hard on weight training, so he improved his velocity a lot.”

Park Kun-woo, who likes LG closer pitcher Ko Woo-seok, showed strong aspirations this season. He said, “He is also my school senior, and I have a lot of respect for Go Woo-seok, who finishes the game well.”

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