‘Start first’ towards men’s soccer and volleyball medals

The opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, a festival for Asians, is just five days away.

Men’s soccer and volleyball will begin their journey toward medals starting tomorrow.

Reporter Lee Kyung-jae reports.

Hwang Seon-hong, who is on the hunt for three consecutive gold medals for the first time in history, takes his first step for our national team.

23 countries are divided into 6 groups and will compete in the group stage, and our national team will face Kuwait, Thailand, and Bahrain in turn.

It is expected that they will pass the preliminaries easily, but as they were defeated by Malaysia in the first game five years ago, the first game of a big tournament is a burden for any team.

Lee Kang-in, the core of the national team, is planning to join the team only on the night of the 21st, so Hwang Seon-hong is expected to appear in full form in the game against Bahrain at the earliest.

[Hwang Seon-hong / Olympic soccer team coach: I think we need to consider various factors such as stamina to play all 90 minutes before deciding on the position.] The national soccer team’s tournament schedule is also not카지노사이트


In the round of 16, they will likely meet Japan or Qatar, who will advance from Group D, and will likely face home team China in the quarterfinals.

The men’s volleyball team, led by coach Lim Do-heon, also packed up early last weekend to begin a heated match starting Wednesday.

Considering the recent decline of the team to 5th place in the Asian Championships and 3rd place in the Asia Challenge Cup without Japan and China, the reality is that it is difficult to let go of tension even before the first match against India in the preliminaries.

However, one veteran setter received an emergency blood transfusion, and Japan, Iran, and Qatar, which are ahead of us in the world rankings, cannot give 100% effort due to the qualifying rounds for the Paris Olympics that immediately follow, so our national team hopes for its 15th consecutive medal since the 1966 Bangkok Games. I’m betting.

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