SK wins by one step over ‘No. 1’ Ginseng Corporation… 4th quarter solver Kim Seon-hyung

Professional basketball team SK won a thrilling victory over Ginseng Corporation.

Kim Seon-hyung came out as a last-minute solver in the 4th quarter.

Reporter Kang Jae-hoon reports.


In the beginning of the game, Ginseng Corporation’s Philippine Express Abando dominated the court.

The unique resilience of blocking the opponent’s attacks one after another shone.

The powerful dunk shot created by a sudden breakthrough evoked admiration.

However, at the end of the 4th quarter, when the seesaw game continued, SK Kim Seon-

hyeong changed the atmosphere.

[Replay Comment : “Kim Seon-Hyung flies up and takes the lead again.”]

Heo Il-Young’s goal through the bottom of the goal helped SK win by a point.

Kim Seon-hyeong, who played only 21 minutes, only scored 6 points, but shone with 7 assists and 4 interceptions.


DB defeated Korea Gas Corporation with Doo Kyung-min’s one-man show.

He played the game of life, concentrating on 43 points, the most in his personal career, including nine 3-pointers.

[Doo Gyeong-min / DB: “Yesterday, my wife said that I had played two points and told her family that I was old. Today, I intend to show condescension.”]

In women’s basketball, Woori Bank won 11 consecutive wins by defeating BNK amidst Park Ji-hyun’s performance, which recorded 21 points.

This is Kang Jae-hoon from KBS News.