SK files lawsuit against Noh So-young in “vacate the museum” divorce case

Amid the ongoing divorce proceedings between SK Group Chairman Choi Tae-won and Art Center Butterfly Director Noh So-young, it has been confirmed that SK Innovation has filed a lawsuit to vacate the Art Center Butterfly art museum located in the SK building.

SK Innovation filed a real estate delivery claim against Art Center Nabi, which is headed by Noh So-young, at the Seoul Central District Court on March 14, seeking the return of the fourth floor of the SK Seorin Building in Jongno-gu, Seoul, which is occupied by the art museum메이저놀이터.

Art Center Navi, which reopened in December 2000 after taking over from its predecessor Walkerhill Art Museum, is located in the SK Seorin Building, which is home to many SK Group affiliates and serves as the de facto group headquarters.

In her divorce lawsuit, Noh asked for 300 million won in alimony and 50 percent of Choi’s SK shares, which are currently valued at 1 trillion won, but in December last year, the first trial court ruled that SK shares are not subject to property division and awarded only 100 million won in alimony and 6.65 billion won in cash, which is currently being appealed.

Separate from the divorce case, in March, Noh sued the chairman’s cohabitant, Kim Hee-young, chairwoman of the TNC Foundation, for 3 billion won in damages.

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