Shin Bomi-re, the semi-finalist of the world champion, “will lead boxing popularity”

Mire Shin (29) expressed her determination to compete in the most important match in her life, competing for qualifications for the women’s professional boxing world title match.

The World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight (-59kg) championship challenger match will be held on the 29th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) in Torhout, West Flanders, Belgium. Ranking No. 1 Delphine Persson (38) and No. 3 Shin Bomire face each other.

Shin Bomire said in an interview reported by the Belgian daily, ‘Duckland van West Flanderen’, “Actually, I don’t know much about European boxing, but I do know Persson. More than anything, she watched the match against Katie Taylor (37, USA),” she acknowledged her opponent.

Shin Bomire, WBC International Champion and 3rd place Super Featherweight. Photo = World Boxing Council
Taylor is evaluated as the strongest active female professional boxing P4P (regardless of weight class) by the official former media ‘Voxrek’. Including her career on the U.S. national team, she is one of the top contenders of all time.

In 2019 and 2020, Taylor and ▲World Boxing Association (WBA) ▲WBC ▲International Boxing Federation (IBF) ▲World Boxing Organization (WBO) Lightweight (-61.2kg) combined title match (2 minutes × 10 rounds) for two consecutive wins suffered

However, the first game was so good that one referee scored it a draw. In the rematch, two judges judged that Persson had the upper hand in 4 rounds and Taylor had the upper hand in 6 rounds, and the difference between the two was not large.

When he was an amateur -60kg, Taylor won ▲Olympics, ▲World Championships, ▲European Championships, and ▲European Games. In her professional lightweight, 22-fight winning streak in her debut, she was the스포츠토토 WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO unified champion, tied to the four major brigade divisions.

Taylor isn’t satisfied with holding the 2020-2022 women’s professional boxing lightweight throne and moves up to super lightweight (-63.5 kg) for her world title match on May 21, 2023.

WBC Silver Champion and #1 Super Featherweight Delphine Persson. Photo = World Boxing Council
Bomire Shin said, “Persson is a really good boxer,” but “I will win the semifinals of the world championship. Boxing is not getting much attention in Korea, but I will make it popular.”

Mire Shin, who became the WBO Asia Pacific Champion in February of last year, became the WBC International Champion three months later. In September 2022 and February 2023, he made his first and second defenses of the WBC International title.

Persson is a Belgian boxing superstar who was the 2012-2013 IBF and 2014-2019 WBC world champion in the lightweight category. Even after he came down to super featherweight, he won ▲ WBA Gold Champion ▲ International Boxing Organization (IBO) Intercontinental Champion ▲ WBC Silver Champion.

The IBO ranks next to WBA WBC IBF WBO. Persson said, “I think it will be especially physically difficult and exhausting, but my stamina is still good. As I get older, I am thinking about how to do better.”

She is a newcomer who has gained international fame through her appearance on the Netflix sports survival entertainment program ‘Physical: 100’. Persson also told the Belgian newspaper ‘Etniusblatt’, “Technically, I’m better, but I think it will be a battle of attrition. His endurance is not lacking even compared to mine,” he said, predicting a difficult match.

Physical: 100 gained worldwide popularity, ranking first in global OTT’Netflix’ non-English viewing hours from February 6 to 19, 2023. Shin Bomire, who survived to the final 20, also rose in name value. Attention is focusing on whether she can defeat Persson and pave the way to the top of the women’s professional boxing super featherweight division.

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