Sending pornographic photos to a classmate…”He’s 9, so it’s hard to punish him”

Three third-grade boys in a Jeju elementary school sent photos of their body parts to a female classmate, causing an uproar at the school.

The school has separated the perpetrators from their classmates, but the victims are still complaining of pain.

According to the Jeju Provincial Office of Education on the 23rd, at around 3 p.m. on the 11th, A-kun (9), a third grader at a Jeju elementary school, sent a picture of a specific body part to B-yang, a female student in the same class, via a cell phone message.

The photo was identified as one of the photos that Mr. A had taken of two of his classmates and each other’s specific body parts on the school grounds.

That same day, Ms. B saw the photo and immediately notified her parents.

At the request of Ms. B’s parents, the school temporarily moved Ms. B’s classmate, Mr. A, to a different class, but the separation was ineffective as Ms. A and Ms. B continued to bump into each other in the school hallways.

As a result of this incident, Ms. B is reportedly receiving counseling treatment,스포츠토토 complaining of mental distress.

The Jeju City Education Support Agency plans to hold a school violence countermeasures review committee on the 30th to determine the level of action against the perpetrators, including Mr. A.

Depending on the outcome of the deliberation, measures such as written apologies, prohibition of retaliatory behavior, in-school service, social service, completion of special education or psychotherapy, suspension of attendance, class change, and forced transfer are expected to be decided.

Meanwhile, the Jeju West Police Station, which responded to the incident after receiving a report from the school, conducted a fact-finding investigation.

However, it was found that the perpetrators, including Mr. A, were 9 years old and under the age of 14, so they are not classified as criminal minors and are not subject to punishment, nor are they between the ages of 10 and 14, who are subject to juvenile protection.

As a result, juvenile offenders under the age of 10 are not subject to any legal regulation, and are handled by admonishing the offending party and their guardians.

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