Returning from injury, ‘2 wins in professional table tennis debut’ Shin Yu-bin “I’ll take good care of my body”

“As much as you have waited for a long time, I will work hard to repay you with a good game by taking good care of my body now!”

This is the promise of Shin Yu-bin (19, Korean Air), who overcame a wrist injury and competed in a domestic competition after 1 year and 5 months.

On the 5th, the 2023 Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL) Women’s Korea League (Corporate Division) Korean Air-POSCO International match was held in Gwanggyo Ssireum Gymnasium, the table tennis stadium ‘Studio T’ was crowded.

KTTL, which is only in its second season, doesn’t have many fans who come to watch the games.

However, on this day, about 150 fans filled the small stadium. Some of them were holding placards cheering for Shin Yu-bin.

This day’s match was Shin Yu-bin’s KTTL debut match and the first domestic competition she participated in since the Spring Business Competition in September 2021.

This is KTTL’s second season, but in her first season, Shin Yu-bin was sidelined due to an injury.

Shin Yu-bin took part in Korean Air’s 1st and 4th singles, and she was responsible for 2 wins, fulfilling her role as an ‘ace’.

Shin Yubin has been participating in her international competition since the second half of last year. She held last month She 2023 She Durban individual exhibition She World Championships Asian regional qualifiers She performed well, sweeping all three places for the finals. 메이저사이트

However, playing in front of domestic fans must have felt different. Since her domestic fans were famous for her ‘prodigy’, she is a precious being who has sent ‘unchanging love’ to him.

After the match, Shin Yubin remained at the stadium for nearly 30 minutes, signing autographs for the fans and taking commemorative photos with them.

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