Remaining in K-League 1… Director Lee Min-seong’s simple but clear goal

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Lee Min-
seong Daejeon Hana Citizen

The moment the referee blew the final whistle to confirm victory in the promotion playoff against manager Kim Cheon, Daejeon Hana Citizen fans who visited the scene said, “I won!” “, exclaimed in awe. From the hopeless relegation eight years ago to rising to the K-League 1 again, they had many stories, so the reaction was understandable. Promotion to K-League 1 was an achievement that fans wanted so much.토토사이트

Lee Min-seong, director of Daejeon Hana, who met this achievement, had a really bright expression at the time. It was easy to feel the pride and relief that Geari fans had achieved the results they wanted after two years in office. This was also an understandable reaction for the director who went through a lot of heartache. I met this coach at the winter training camp for the new season of Daejeon Hana held in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do on February 15th across the year. Coach Lee was washing away the emotional memories of achieving promotion little by little, and now he was instilling a new sense of purpose into the team standing on a new stage. The goal, in a way, was a very simple stay.

Thoughts I heard right after winning “Oh, it’s over now”

Q. Nice to meet you.
Is preparation for the season going well ? You must risk your life.”

Q. How did you feel immediately after winning the PO against Managing Director Kim Cheon last year?
“First, I thought, ‘Oh, it’s over now.’ And I was proud of the two years of effort for promotion. It was difficult. It must have been a difficulty that experienced senior leaders such as coach Lee Jang-soo and coach Kim Hak-beom, who I served, did not feel. I had no experience, so I was really worried about how to respond. However, because there are many confirmed players on our team, the league was suspended or the schedule It didn’t change anything.”

Q. I thought it would be the hardest thing to pick 11 starters and appease the rest of the players because there are so many excellent players.
“No. When I came to this team, I thought about that too. Of course, I thought there would be such a problem. But the players I met in this team were really nice. Everyone followed suit. Regarding , there is a cultural difference, so I had to choose whether I should keep it or leave it out. First of all, our clear goal was promotion, so the priority was to start the best player on the pitch right away.”

The goal is to stay this year and advance to the ACL next year.
Q. You must have a different resolution to participate in the K League 1. There were many areas where even a small mistake by the defense could be passed without conceding, but in K League 1, a goal is conceded on a really small mistake. Of course, you have to be more focused. And you have to work together as a team. It’s stronger, which is why we prepare for the season with more care.”

Q. Around last year, you received a lot of attention as the most promising candidate for promotion, but this year, when you became a promotion team, the reaction is a little quiet.
“It’s a natural reaction. Anyway, we’re a team from K-League 2. The important thing is how quickly we adapt to K-League 1. I think we can do it if we play with confidence. I think the situation will be a bigger motivator for our players.”

Q. You said that your goal was to stay, but it seems like a simple dream because it’s a team that always shouted for promotion.
“I don’t think there’s a top split if you stay first. The first goal is to survive unconditionally. There’s a story of its own. Eight years ago, our fans felt the pain of being relegated right after winning K League 2 and being promoted to K League 1. I have it. I don’t want to give the fans that kind of pain this year.

Q. I am also worried. No matter how much retention is the goal, it is because the managerial position can be dangerous if you fight for survival.
“It’s the fate of the coach. Coach Kim Hak-beom and coach Lee Jang-soo told me that ‘coaching is a job to be cut’. Since I came to the team, it is useless to think that I have to do it for 1 year or 2 years. Anyway, as long as the goal of promotion is achieved, For the team to develop, we now need a new goal, and that is retention, because if we stay, our team will be in a better position. Of course, plans don’t always go the way we want, so I might be a savage, but that’s a burden. I don’t want to have.”

Q. It seems that Daejeon Hana is the time to be reborn as a completely new team
. “The club took all the main players last year. As the parent company, Hana Financial Group, has set the goal of growing into a global club, I think we should achieve good results in order to keep pace with it.”

What is Lee Min-seong’s remaining goal?

Q. In this year’s K-League 1, there is no team to lay the so-called floor. That much fierce competition is expected
, but “So I think there is hope for us too. I think the flow is important, and I think the first robin round 11 match performance will be really important. We talked a lot about that with our players, and the players As far as I know, I think good enough results are possible. If we perform above expectations, we will see the way to the top split right away.”

“I did a point calculation with the coaching staff. I think we need at least 45 points to secure retention in 33 games. We set a goal of 5 wins per robin round. That’s our goal. Then we’ll have 15 wins in the season. If we can achieve this, I think we can achieve our second goal (upper split) as well.”

Q. One of the biggest issues in the K-League 1 these days is the 1+2 promotion/relegation system. The other teams felt a great sense of dread.
“I’ve never thought about that issue until now. Retention is our primary goal anyway.”

Q. This is the last question. Daejeon Hana fans are probably the fans waiting for the opening of K-League 1 fans the most. What assurance do you want to give them?
“I want to give you the assurance that I will stay unconditionally. After that, I will create a stage that fans can really enjoy watching. Football that fans really don’t worry about, football that is more challenging and aggressive, football that can give fans pleasure. I’ll open it up.”

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