Pittsburgh manager who was angry in the 5th inning “The referee missed the balk!

Pittsburgh Pirates manager Derek Shelton couldn’t hide his regret about the scene in the top of the 5th inning.

Shelton spoke about the situation in스포츠토토 the top of the 5th inning, saying, “The referee missed it” in an interview after losing 1-4 to the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA on the 3rd (Korean time).

It was Austin Hedges at bat with 1 out, 2nd and 3rd base, with the team trailing 1-3. Opposing pitcher Ryan Thompson threw the ball in a situation where his set position was not perfect.

Coach Shelton, who ran out of the dugout at the time and strongly protested to referee Adrian Johnson, said, “I thought it was a situation where a balk would be given. Pitch clock violations could also be investigated. The opposing catcher also seemed to know this and withdraw his foot. However, the judges did not call for a balk. The referees missed it,” he said, expressing regret.

Hedges, who protested at the plate, swallowed regret, saying, “It was an obvious balk situation, but the referees said they didn’t see (the balk).”

Afterwards, Hedges struck out on a swing, and Pittsburgh was unable to take advantage of second and third base opportunities in the fifth inning. If a balk was declared, one runner came in and it was 2-3, and one company and third base continued.

It could have turned out differently. Nevertheless, coach Shelton drew the line that this scene did not affect the outcome of the game, saying, “I don’t think the result has changed with that scene.”

To say that they lost because of this scene, Pittsburgh missed too many opportunities that day. In scoring position, he recorded no hits in 10 at-bats and 11 left bases. “You have to make no room for mistakes against a team like this,” Shelton said. He recorded 11 bases. He didn’t do well in scoring chances. You can’t do that,” he said, biting his lip.

One of the regrettable scenes was that both center fielder Jack Suwinsky and shortstop Rodolfo Castro missed Jose Siri’s fly ball in the bottom of the 5th inning. Shelton expressed regret, saying, “Two young players with not much experience playing here faced a difficult situation.”

“The roof is white and the ball is white,” Suwinsky said. Here, the lighting was bright and the roof was low, so it was difficult to judge the batted ball,” he recalled the situation at the time.

Starter Roanci Contreras, who had to watch this scene, said, “I think it was a ball I should have caught. I think the fielders had trouble seeing the ball. This is what happens when you play a game. We have to focus on the next match,” he said, conveying his thoughts about the scene.

He allowed 4 runs by throwing up to 1 out in the 6th inning that day. “The opponents are good hitters. I want to admit this. It is a team that plays a similar style to ours, and when I was having difficulties, I made good use of it.”

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