Park Jung-ah’s first words, “I’m going to die of hardship. I have to get my mind right again.”

The situation was behind 19-22 in the 4th set. Korea Expressway Corporation Park Jung-ah added a valuable goal. Park Jung-ah moved her steps and gave a high-five to the coaches on the bench. He honestly said, “I didn’t do it because I wanted to do a high five on the bench. I almost fell over because my leg gave way스포츠토토.”  

Korea Expressway Corporation set Heungkuk Life Insurance to a set score of 3-1 (22-25, 25-21, 25-22 , 25-23). Korea Expressway Corporation, which gave up both games 1 and 2, took the 3rd and 4th games held at home and returned the game to the starting point.  

Park Jung-ah, who scored 24 points including 3 blocks in Game 3, led the team to victory by scoring 20 points in Game 4 as well. True to her nickname of ‘Clutch Park’, her performance at the decisive moment stood out. After setting the mood for Heungkuk Life Insurance at the beginning of the 4th set, Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min called Park Jung-ah, who looked exhausted, to the bench.  

However, coach Kim, who sensed that the atmosphere was strangely flowing in 16-20, put in Park Jung-ah again. Park Jung-ah, who scored the chase at 16-21, scored another follow-up at 19-22. Then, at 22-23, they tied the game with a successful open attack.    

Park Jung-ah’s first words in the post-game interview were “It’s so hard I’m going to die.” He added, “My legs hurt so much. I have no idea what I was thinking from the 3rd set onwards.” He went on to describe the moment he shared a high five with the bench after making the point 19-22 in the fourth set.    

Coach Jong-min Kim recalled after the game, “Jung-a was very tired. Looking at the steps, she was staggering. I couldn’t take it out though… I thought it wasn’t easy when I went to the 5th set.”  

Korea Expressway Corporation challenges a new history in the V-League. A team that gave up both games 1 and 2 in the previous championships has never won games 3 or 4. Won the 5th game and achieved the first reverse sweep ever. The stage for the 5th game on the 6th is Heungkuk Life Insurance’s home Incheon (Samsan World Gymnasium).  

Park Jung-ah said, “Certainly, when we go to Incheon, the shouts (of Heungkuk Life Insurance home fans) are loud. As long as we have reached the 5th game, there is no need for us to be discouraged.” He said, “The team atmosphere was not bad even when we lost the first and second games. If you laugh and have fun, you can go to Incheon and turn it over.” said. 

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