Park Ji-soo leaves KB’s ‘Spring Basketball’

The four teams that will advance to the women’s professional basketball playoffs have been virtually decided. KB, which lacked center Park Ji-soo,안전놀이터 lost the possibility of advancing on its own due to repeated falls, and Woori Bank confirmed the championship early. All that remains is the ranking battle between the 2nd and 4th places.

With 4 games left until the end of this season, KB is in 5th place as of the 16th, 4.5 games behind 4th place BNK. BNK played one less game than KB until this day. Even assuming that KB finishes the rest of the schedule with all wins, the rankings of both teams will not be overturned if BNK captures only one game.

The loss by 13 points to the lowest ranked Hana One Q the day before was practically the end. KB was well ahead in the number of rebounds, but handed over the right to attack with frequent turnovers. The shooting success rate was also pushed down regardless of whether it was under the goal or outside. On the other hand, Hana 1 Q sprinkled red pepper powder with ace Shin Ji-hyun and Kim A-na showing even performances.

Even last month, the atmosphere was different. Right after the All-Star game, the uptrend was evident when they won four games in the second half against Hana 1Q, BNK, and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. Park Ji-soo was at the center of it. He averaged 15 points and 12.5 rebounds over four games.

On the 1st of this month, Park Ji-soo left the lineup due to a finger injury in the match against Hana 1Q, and the nightmare of the beginning of the season was revived. Including the day they were defeated after an extended game, KB collapsed on its own this month with only 1 win and 4 losses.

The biggest topic of the remaining league schedule was compressed into the ranking battle between the 2nd and 4th places. The team that advances to the playoffs in 4th place has to go head-to-head with Woori Bank, who confirmed the championship early without having an away game handicap. Right now, Samsung Life Insurance has the advantage in the competition between the three teams.

However, Incheon Shinhan Bank in third place is catching up to the bottom of the chin. The vanguard is Sonia Kim. The Korea Women’s Basketball League (WKBL) announced on the same day that Sonia Kim was selected as the 5th round MVP as a result of the press vote. With 78 votes out of a total of 93 votes, he was selected as the round MVP for the second time this season after the previous three rounds.

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