Palazon was eliminated, but Maminkam reached the quarterfinals. Mamin Calm and Kim Hyeon-woo Fight for the Finals – High1 PBA Championship

Jang Nam-guk, who defeated this season’s winner Wimaz in the round of 16, almost caught Maminkam by shooting 4 consecutive hits in 5 sets and 1 inning of the quarterfinals of the ‘2022 High1 Resort PBA Championship’ held on the 15th.

Expectations were high because he was ahead by winning the first and third sets. However, after 6 consecutive innings of empty batting, Maminkam gave up to the quarterfinals.

Maminkam, who was in poor condition and was dragged around, regained his energy in the 4th set, which was losing 1-2. He tied the score at 2-2 by raising the set point with 5 consecutive hits in 1 inning, followed by 3 consecutive hits in 4 innings and 5 consecutive hits in 9 innings.

Maminkam got lucky at the last minute. He missed the bank shot in the 6th inning of the 5th set, but luckily succeeded and turned the game around, eventually winning 11:5. 메이저사이트

In the second game of the quarterfinals, Kim Hyun-woo defeated last year’s champion Palazon 3-1.

Kim Hyun-woo won the first and second sets 15:12 and 15:11 with accurate shots. Palazon took a set with a 10-inning final in a three-set set point fight, but that was the last time he won.

Kim Hyun-woo took the lead by hitting 5 consecutive hits in 4 sets and 1 inning. However, he couldn’t keep up the momentum and wandered about four consecutive innings of empty hits.

It was a chance for Palazon, but he also struggled further, hitting only 5 single hits until 12 innings. Kim Hyun-woo ended the long game with a match point in 18 innings following 4 consecutive hits in 9 innings.

Oh Tae-jun defeated Montes 3-2 and advanced to the semifinals.

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