Oil hand’ Karius plays in the EFL Cup final… Newcastle 1st and 2nd GK unavailable

Oil hand’ Loris Karius returns.

Manchester United and Newcastle United will play the 2022-23 season England Football League Cup (EFL Cup) final at Wembley Stadium in London, England at 1:30 am (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) on the 27th.

Ahead of the final,카지노사이트 both teams are preparing to send all their key players to the scramble. Compared to other competitions, the importance of the EFL Cup is less, but it is because there is a desire to win the championship cup as much as it has reached the final.

However, the red light was turned on for Newcastle in the previous game. In the 24th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Liverpool, number one goalkeeper Nick Pope received a direct red card and was suspended for three games.

It was an absurd mistake. In the 22nd minute of the first half, Pope used his hands to protect the ball from a position outside the penalty box. Pope was sent off for thwarting an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. Eventually, a situation arose where a substitute goalkeeper had to play in the EFL Cup final.

The number 2 goalkeeper is also ineligible. Martin Dubravka has a record of playing in the EFL Cup on loan at Manchester United in the first half of the season. Dubravka is also excluded from the list due to competition rules that cannot play for two teams in the same season.

In the end, the third goalkeeper, Karius, played. Karius is a former Liverpool goalkeeper. At the time, Karius, who had a great save rate based on his excellent reflexes, was active as Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper.

But a trauma ruined his career. The match against Real Madrid in the 2017-18 season UEFA Champions League (UCL) final completely changed his career.

At the time, while the two teams were in a tense game, Karius made a huge mistake. In the 6th minute of the second half, Karim Benzema, who was pressuring the goalkeeper, threw the ball unaware of it, and the ball hit Benzema’s foot and scored. Afterwards, in the 38th minute of the second half, Gareth Bale’s sharp mid-range shot was not properly saved and allowed another point. It was a strong shot from Bale, but it was a shot that was headed straight, so it was a scene that could be blocked enough.

As it turns out, Carius suffered from a concussion during the struggle in the first half, and as a result of continuing to play, he made two of the biggest mistakes of his life in the finals.

So Karius went downhill. After being released from Liverpool, Karius went around several clubs before joining Newcastle this season. Karius, who hasn’t played a first-team game since February 2021, will play in the EFL Cup final against Manchester United.

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