Ohtani’s fighting spirit is more surprising when I see it in person

How did Ohtani become a ‘superstar’?

The Los Angeles Angels, 토토사이트who started spring training at Diablo Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, USA, held a press conference with Ohtani on the second day, the 16th (local time). More than 70 reporters from Korea, the US and Japan gathered, and many fans were waiting for Ohtani outside.

Ohtani entered the training ground after a long press conference of more than 30 minutes. On the first day of training, he pitched in the bullpen and on the second day he went to batting practice.

How is Ohtani training in the major leagues? He first gathers with his colleagues and waits for the director to warm up. Afterwards, he trains on base and enters defense training. At this time, Ohtani, the designated hitter, enters the training center and digests his personal weight training. And 30 minutes later, I come back and continue hitting training.

Throughout his training, Ohtani was shown to be focused, laughing and fooling around with his teammates when it came to his turn. As he entered the batting cage, he smiled more happily and showed more excitement.

However, when his blow didn’t work out like his heart, he showed a sullen appearance and went out of the cage in a way that was not well seen by the reporters. He pondered over the video the interpreter gave him and expressed his desire to compete while talking with the coach. After countless batting drills, Ohtani, who hit the ball well, finished the training with joy like a child.

I was about to finish the interview because I wanted the training to end like that, but I found Ohtani practicing more at the indoor batting training ground. When this didn’t work out well, he threw a bat and had a mischievous temper.

He had a fighting spirit until he was perfect and a perfectionist who didn’t want to show his lack, even at the training ground. It seems that these qualities would have made him more perfect.

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