Oh’s jaw-dropping defense saves the ace in the hole

Samsung’s Jae-il Oh’s defense at first base is considered one of the best in the league.

He says, “I love it when I see articles about my defense. It’s as good as an article about how good I am with the bat,” he said스포츠토토. His jaw-dropping defense against KT in Daegu on the 28th saved the day.

In the top of the fifth inning with a six-run lead and runners on first and second, Oh Jae-il caught Lee Ho-yeon’s fly ball down the right field line with his body and accurately tossed it to Won Tae-in at first base.

SBS Sports commentator Kim Tae-hyung, who called the game, said, “Oh Jae-il did something so big. If he hadn’t made the catch, I don’t know how the game would have turned out. As a pitcher, it’s good to have batters score runs, but it’s also helpful to have good defense when you’re on the mound.”

Won gave up singles to Oh Yoon-seok and Hong Hyun-bin, but Moon Sang-chul, who came in for Hong, struck out the side with a six-pitch fastball on a 2B-2S count. After escaping the bases-loaded jam, Won pumped his fist and roared.

Won stayed on the mound until the sixth inning and pitched a scoreless inning to earn his third win of the season. Samsung snapped a three-game losing streak with a 6-4 victory over KT. The win was made possible by the beastly defense of Oh Jae-il.

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