Oh Hyun-kyu, who did not receive a uniform number, receives a reward… How much is the amount subtracted from ‘100 million in the round of 16’?

Oh Hyun-gyu (21, Suwon), who participated in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar as a reserve player, will also receive some of the official prize money from the Korea Football Association. However, additional rewards for advancing to the round of 16 are not eligible.

On the 15th, the Korea Football Association said, “We plan to pay 60 million won to Oh Hyun-gyu.” The details are △20 million won for base money, △30 million won for “victory allowance” for winning the 3rd game of the group stage with Portugal, and △10 million won for a draw with Uruguay in the first game, for a total of 60 million won.

The additional reward of 100 million won for advancing to the round of 16 is excluded. The association explained, “Hyeon-gyu Oh is not subject to compensation according to the rules,” but “However, as much as he suffered together, we decided to pay the same amount of reward until the group stage.”

Oh Hyun-kyu was selected for the Qatar World Cup last month. If Son Heung-min, who had surgery for an orbital fracture, could not play, coach Paulo Bento could put in Oh Hyun-kyu. However, as Son Heung-min recovered, Oh Hyun-gyu stayed on the reserve list.

Because of this, Hyungyu Oh did not receive a separate uniform number. Nevertheless, Oh Hyeon-kyu accompanied his teammates as a reserve player to support them and accompanied them throughout the World Cup schedule. As a result, he was called the ’27th Taegeuk Warrior’.

It is known that Oh Hyun-kyu will not be able to receive the reward money distributed to participating players due to these circumstances. Oh Hyun-kyu himself also said in an interview with MBC News on the 14th that 26 players in the national team’s roster collected their own money and gave it to him.

He said, “All 26 players gathered money and said, ‘Let’s take care of it like this because we can’t get Hyeon-gyu compensation'” and “I didn’t even think about it, but thank you so much for taking care of it like this.”스포츠토토

In this regard, an official from the association explained, “Oh Hyun-gyu would not have known that he was receiving a reward.”

The International Football Federation (FIFA), which hosts the World Cup, earns income such as broadcasting rights and distributes it as dividends to soccer associations in each country. The Korea Football Association uses this money for tasks such as fostering youth and A-matches for the national team, and gives some of it as rewards to players.

The Korean national team is expected to receive a reward of 200-300 million won per player for advancing to the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years. Meanwhile, the amount of money collected by 26 players, including Son Heung-min, to give to Oh Hyeon-gyu, was not revealed in detail.