Oh Hyeon-kyu who left, Cho Kyu-seong who remained… ‘what’ overturned fate?

Oh Hyeon-gyu joined the ranks of the European faction. Celtic said on the club’s official website on the 25th (Korean time), “We have recruited striker Oh Hyun-gyu of the Korean national team. He has signed a five-year contract and we are delighted to be able to share the news.”

Celtic invested 3 million euros (approximately 4 billion won) in Oh Hyun-kyu. The initial offer was not this high. In the course of negotiations with 카지노사이트Samsung, he continued to raise the transfer fee and actively tried to recruit him. Oh Hyun-gyu also had a strong will to move abroad, so he ended up wearing a Celtic uniform.

The player Celtic initially wanted was Cho Kyu-seong, not Oh Hyun-kyu. Cho Kyu-sung drew Celtic’s attention by making a big success, scoring two goals at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. But Celtic wasn’t the only one interested in Cho Kyu-sung. Mainz (Germany) and Minnesota United (USA) also jumped into the recruitment war. As the competition intensified and Cho Kyu-sung’s concerns grew longer, Celtic turned to Oh Hyun-kyu.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who was the only Celtic offer, left, and Cho Kyu-seong, who received several offers, is putting more weight on remaining in Jeonbuk. Cho Kyu-seong also accompanied Jeonbuk’s training camp in Spain, which he left on the 16th. He was worried until right before his departure, but the choice to stay in Jeonbuk became influential as he left training together.

The big factor in choosing to stay at the end of the long run seems to be the timing of the transfer.

January is the time to prepare for the next season for the K-League, which introduced the ‘Chu Chun Festival’. On the other hand, the overseas leagues that implement the ‘Chunchu Festival’ are already halfway through the season. The way we prepare for the season is completely different. Moreover, last December, the World Cup was held, and there was no break.

At the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ held on the 12th, Kyu-seong Cho also acknowledged his concerns about this. Cho Kyu-seong said, “Now I am raising my body, but the players abroad are in the process of the season. We are considering whether we can compete in the current situation.”

The opinions of the experts were not significantly different. Commentator Park Moon-seong emphasized that summer and winter transfer times are completely different.

Commissioner Park said, “Joining in the middle of the season is a risky choice. You have to enter the game without understanding the characteristics and culture of the country in question. Moreover, in the winter transfer market, we want core power. It is difficult to immediately put into the game and show results,” he explained.

“Cho Kyu-sung has no choice but to be cautious even though there are proposals from various teams. He must be able to play with confidence and his tactics must be right. Since he showed great performance in the World Cup, the burden can be great. Because of this, he appears to be opting for a transfer next summer rather than January,” he added.

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