[Official] Gwangju recruits Kim Dong-guk and Kim Tae-joon…Director Lee Jung-hyo’s ‘pick’

Professional football Gwangju FC recruited defender Kim Dong-guk and goalkeeper Kim Tae-joon.슬롯사이트

Gwangju announced on the 16th that they had recruited side defender Kim Dong-guk, who played for Jeju United last season, and goalkeeper Kim Tae-joon, who is expected to be a university prospect.

Kim Dong-guk, from Gangwon Hongcheon FC U-18, won the 2021 Higher Soccer League Gangwon Region Outstanding Player Award and made his name known by playing an active role as the core of the team in various national competitions.

He started his professional career by joining Jeju United ahead of the 2022 season, and showed off his skills by playing in 10 R-League games. His left foot kick is excellent and his active play is evaluated as his strength.

In particular, he has an excellent understanding of the tactics that coach Lee Jeong-hyo places on importance, and he can play side attacks, side defenses, and center backs.

Kim Tae-joon, from Cheongju University, is a goalkeeper resource with excellent 1:1 defense, positioning, and game leading ability with a physique of 185cm/80kg. In particular, it is evaluated that his stable kicking power and build-up ability are excellent.

In 2019, he led Daeryun High School to win the 27th Baeknokgi High School Football Tournament and won the GK Award. He was named in the 17th and 20th Denso Cup Korean-Japanese university football regular matches, and in October 2022, he was selected for the Paris Olympic team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong and was tested.

An official from Gwangju FC said, “Both players have no experience in playing on the professional stage, but they have a lot of potential for growth because they have a lot of talent.”

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