Naturalized marathon runner Joo-Han Oh reveals his determination for the Seoul Games in March

Kenyan naturalized marathon runner Joo-Han Oh (35, Wilson Royanae Erupe) sets out to break the Korean men’s marathon record according to the ‘Carrot Operation’ of his team Cheongyang County Office (Governor Kim Dong-gon).

Oh Joo-han, who is building her body in Kaptagat, Kenya, at an altitude of 2300m, temporarily returned to Korea on the 24th, went through the registration process to participate in domestic competitions such as the Seoul International Marathon in March and the National Sports Festival in October, and returned to Kenya on the 27th.

Oh Joo-han, who joined the Cheongyang-gun Office Athletics Team in 2015, was naturalized as a Korean in 2018 and extended his contract with the Cheongyang-gun Office for one year on January 5. Oh Joo-han won the Seoul International Marathon in April last year with a time of 2 hours 11 minutes and 16 seconds, 1st in the domestic division (11th in the international division), and won the Ulsan National Sports Festival in October last year with a time of 2 hours 18 minutes and 07 seconds, but his record did not live up to expectations. 메이저놀이터

Moreover, he withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics held in August 2021 and the Eugene (USA) World Championships in Athletics in July last year, disappointing those around him. It was the result of coach Oh Chang-seok, who discovered himself, naturalized himself, and raised him to the national team in May 2021, who died from suspected symptoms of an African endemic disease, and then did not train properly and only drank.

Affiliated team Cheongyang-gun Office lowers base salary and raises rewardIn this regard, the Cheongyang-gun Office of his team planned to terminate the contract with Joo-Han Oh at the end of last year, but extended the contract for one year with the ‘Operation Carrot’, which lowers the basic salary and raises the record reward.

Considering the case where the Cheongyang-gun Office paid up to 120 million won, including a basic annual salary of 80 million won and a reward of 40 million won, to Oh Joo-han, who recorded 2 hours and 5 to 7 minutes in the past, the basic annual salary this time is 36 million won. lowering it to , and presenting the conditions for a drastic increase in the reward.

As a result, 120 million won in rewards were paid, including 40 million won for winning the Seoul International Marathon in March, 60 million won for winning the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September, and 20 million won for winning the National Sports Festival in October, along with an annual training cost of about 40 million won. promised to support.

If Oh Joo-han wins in various competitions, she will receive separate prize money from the Korea Association of Athletics Federations and the organizers of the Seoul International Marathon.

Joo-Han Oh, whether or not he will break the Korean record is noteworthyIt is known that Oh Joo-han, who was involved in Cheongyang County Office’s “Operation Carrot,” has been working hard on training since the end of last year by refining his posture with sobriety.

According to the training schedule of coach Oh Chang-seok, who passed away 1 year and 7 months ago, he reinforces his physical strength with mountain running and weight training. Director Oh’s disciple, Kenyan James, is filming a video of the training situation every day and sending it to Cheongyang-gun Office via KakaoTalk. .

Oh Joo-han’s immediate task is to win the domestic division as well as the top prize in the international division at the 2023 Seoul International Marathon, which also serves as a selection match for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

On the 27th, the Seoul International Marathon Secretariat announced that a large number of runners in the 2:4~5 minutes will participate in this marathon to be held on March 19th.

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