Namguk Kim, Do what you learned from your seniors

“I am leaving my beloved Democratic Party today. I have decided that it is no longer right to burden the party and its members.” After a week of being in the spotlight for the rest of his life over the coin (virtual currency) allegations, Rep. Nam Kook Kim has decided to leave the party. The departure was bizarre because it came just as the Democratic Party was launching its own investigation into the coin allegations. The Democratic Party of Korea (DPP), which took a passive stance in the early stages of the scandal, set up a party-wide investigation team on May 11, after Kim Nam-kook’s outrageous statements spiraled out of control. Kim Byung-ki, head of the investigation team, said.

“We will investigate the things that have been questioned so far. We will look into the transaction history of the coin account and we believe that many of the questions will be resolved. We will proceed quickly.” According to the article, the investigation team did not do nothing. They found that Namguk Kim received an “airdrop” of new coins for free to investors, that he had at least four coin wallets, and that his total holdings far exceeded the initially reported 6 billion won. The Democratic Party advises Namguk to sell all his coins because of the seriousness of the findings. Kim responded in the affirmative. “We will transparently disclose data to the truth commission and work diligently on the investigation…. We received a recommendation from the party to sell our virtual currency. We will faithfully fulfill the party’s recommendation.”

However, on May 14, when the investigation team’s interim report was scheduled, Kim Nam-guk suddenly defected from the party, and it was no wonder that not only the public but also the Democratic Party reacted in disbelief. However, it would be unfair to blame all of this on Kim Nam-guk alone. The people around him are also to blame for his transformation from a naive young man who “slept with a picture of his country by his bedside” to a worn and tattered politician in just three years.

Of course, it is impossible to blame others for doing coins. Even when he was a lawyer with a goal of earning 1 million won a month, Kim Nam-gook did it. But when a Chosun Ilbo article revealed that he owned 6 billion won worth of coins, his response was as follows. “There were no illegal investments.” I wonder if a lawmaker who is supposed to work for the people has any shame in making a fortune from coins. This is just like Cho Gook, who was nominated as the attorney general in 2019. At a time when all sorts of suspicions were being raised about him, Cho Gook told a person who was worried about him. “There is nothing that is not legal.” Even this statement, which was later proven to be a lie, should have been enough to make him feel bad that someone who was supposed to be the embodiment of fairness and justice had used all sorts of tricks in his children’s education and wealth formation. But he refused to admit his wrongdoing, and even now that both his wife and he have been convicted, he continues to claim that he was wronged. It’s no wonder that Kim Nam-guk, who served his country as an idol, is making a stand, saying, “I will continue to fight against unjust political attacks to reveal the truth and make a call.” There are many other people who have made Kim Nam-guk what he is today, just to name a few.

Lee Jae-myung called the prosecution’s investigation against him “political retaliation and opposition suppression by the current regime to hide its incompetence and failure.” Kim Nam-kook claimed that his coin allegations were “the work of ‘Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon’ along the lines of Yoon Seok-yeol,” and in a YouTube video, he claimed that “all the various things that the Yoon Seok-yeol government is doing right now are intentionally leaked to cover up this issue”. At this point, it’s clear that all those years as head of Lee Jae-myung’s office were worth it.

When the money envelope allegations surfaced, Song Young-gil held a press conference in Paris to announce his departure from the organization, and then went to the Central District Prosecutor’s Office to make a statement without being called by the prosecutors. “Please detain me, Song Young-gil, instead of the people around me.” When reporters asked him why he couldn’t hand over his cell phone because he wasn’t there during the raid, he said, “I handed it over the day after the raid,” which turned out to be a tin can phone that he’d bought after returning home, with all his call history and texts wiped clean. He made a lot of noise, but didn’t actually cooperate with the prosecution. This was also the case with Kim Nam-guk, who demanded that the Democratic Party set up a party-wide investigation team, but after the team was set up, he did not submit any of the key data requested by the investigation team, such as “exchanges where coin transactions were made, electronic wallets, coin stocks, coin income and transaction status,” and then immediately defected, which is the same as Song Young-gil and Pan Bak, only the order has changed.

Jo Min, the daughter of Jo Kook, went to Kim Er Joon’s news program on TBS when the public criticized her for the entrance examination irregularities. Under Kim Eojoon’s care, Jomin received a certificate of recognition for her volunteer work and said, “I don’t think it matters if I graduate from high school. I think I can retake the exam, and if I can’t become a doctor at thirty, I can do it at forty,” but then Jomin betrays his words by persistently pursuing his medical license even after graduating from high school. When public opinion turned against him, Kim Nam-guk appeared on Kim Er-joon’s YouTube channel and made excuses such as “the amount of money he traded during the National Assembly Standing Committee was only a few thousand won” and “he had no intention or opportunity to obtain undisclosed information. Just as Jomin gained the support of the Fatherland Defense Force through her broadcast appearance, Kim Eojoon’s baptized son, Kim Nam-guk, is now receiving support and donations from his daughters, making Jomin a teacher to Kim Nam-guk토토사이트.

But back to the country. When the situation in Joguk spiraled out of control, Joguk said the following. “All billion-dollar private equity funds will be donated to public benefit corporations in accordance with the procedures set forth by law. I will promptly follow the procedures in accordance with the law and the articles of association.” Woongdong Academy, where Jo Gook’s mother is the chairwoman, also said that she would step down as chairwoman and hand over all authority over the school to the public interest foundation. Of course, this was never fulfilled, and Cho’s mother was reappointed to the board in October 2022. As for Kim Nam-guk, he said he would “faithfully fulfill” the party’s recommendation to sell his coins, but this became a non-starter when he defected. As for submitting transaction details, he claimed to have “received a response that it is impossible due to the system,” but the exchange said, “We will submit all the data if you agree,” which is also a blatant lie.

Let’s summarize. Jo Gook, Jae Lee

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