“My son, Charlie, is farther than me” Woods raised a tiger cub

The PNC Championship is a two-day tournament in which 20 former major championship winners become a team with their families. It is played in a scramble method in which two members of the same team each take a tee shot, then choose one and then both players take the next shot from there. Since it’s not an official race, Woods, who has not fully recovered from leg surgery, can ride a karting. Ahead of this year’s tournament, which will be held on the 18th and 19th at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Florida, USA, Charlie’s long hit is a hot topic even before the opening.

Woods confessed that Charlie’s drive shot went farther than he did in another event match ‘The Match’ on the 11th. “I hate to say this, but I’ll take it,” he said. “Charlie finally did it a few weeks ago.” Woods, who recently suffered from plantar fasciitis, seemed very uncomfortable walking. Afterwards, it was reported that the organizers of the PNC Championship would move Charlie’s tee to the back in consideration of his long hitting ability. 메이저사이트

Then, the organizers officially announced on the 16th that Charlie would play from a tee appropriate for the age of 13 as per the original rules. The event, which features male and female professional players of all ages and their families, utilizes four tees. It is divided into yellow tee (7094 yards), white tee (6754 yards), red tee (6452 yards), and blue tee (5643 yards) depending on gender, age, and professional qualification. It was reported that Charlie would be in the white tee, but ended up playing in the red tee to match his age. Male pros aged 65 to 72, female pros aged 50 and older, and family contestants aged 12 to 13 belong to the red tee.

The organizers said, “Age is age. I will follow our tournament rules,” he said. “I can adjust the tee if Charlie or Woods asks for it, but if not, I won’t punish him just because he’s Charlie Woods and he’s good at golf.” Woods and Charlie came together for the first time in 2020 and placed 7th out of 20 teams. Last year, he lost the championship by two strokes to Daly and his son (19) and finished runner-up.