‘Missing bottoms’ photo in chicken delivery review…owner says “sexual harassment, going to police”

A customer posted a picture of her lower half in her underwear in a review of a delivery service, causing controversy스포츠토토.

On the self-employed community ‘I’m the boss because I’m sick’, a post titled ‘I’m trying to report a review as sexual harassment, but am I sensitive?

The informant, Mr. A, who runs a chicken restaurant, attached a photo saying, “Am I weird for being offended by the review below. I’m going to the police station tomorrow.”

The photo shows a customer, presumably a man, with his legs crossed and his pants pulled down to reveal his sensitive parts. “I’m not sure,” he wrote, along with two emojis of a “merong” sign. The rating for the food was two out of five.

“When I saw the picture, I didn’t even notice the star rating,” said Mr. A. “It’s obviously harassment because they used emoticons.”

“I asked the company to remove the review,” he said, “and I went to the police station and filed a complaint. Even if there is no punishment, I will do what I can,” he warned.

After receiving the report, users criticized the restaurant, saying, “What a waste of time,” and “What’s wrong with a restaurant review that we all read together?” Some commented, “I think it’s better to delete it and forget about it than to get emotional about it,” and “It’s just going to make the boss more tired.”

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