Middle school student helping mom at dawn dies in truck-car crash

A car and a truck collided this morning (May 5)스포츠토토, killing a teenage student who was in the truck. He was on his way out to help his mom with her work because it was a day off from school.

This is reporter Chung Chang-young of G1 Broadcasting.


A passenger car enters an intersection at high speed.

It collides with a 1-ton truck making a left turn, hitting it on the passenger side.

The 1-ton truck loses its balance, goes a few meters further, and comes to a stop.

[Hyun Byung-cheol/witness: I rushed out because there was a bang (sound), and when I came out, the car accident was already over, and the driver of the Avante was outside, and the porter side was barely able to speak….]

It was an accident at Gwangter intersection in Heungup-myeon, Wonju around 6:40 am today.

The front of the passenger car was completely crushed and the accident site is littered with vehicle debris.

The accident killed 16-year-old A-gun, who was riding in the passenger seat of the truck, and the driver was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

Police responding to the scene determined that the teen was riding in the vehicle to help his mother with her work.

It was a discretionary day off from school, and he had gone along to help his mom, who works as a courier.

The driver of the car, 65-year-old Mr. B, was also reportedly injured and taken to hospital.

The police plan to investigate the exact cause of the accident by securing CCTV footage from the scene.

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