Mickelson “overwhelming victory if we face LIV, PGA”

Who would win in a competition between US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour players and Saudi Arabia-funded ‘LIV Golf Invitational Series (LIV)’ players? 카지노

On social media on the 3rd, the idea that it would be interesting if the two sides, who were enemies, had a match like the Ryder Cup (a golf competition between the United States and Europe) was raised. Tiger Woods (48, PGA Tour) and Phil Mickelson (53, LIV, USA, photo) were nominated as general managers. While many fans were arguing, it was Mickelson, the main player of LIV, who drew the hottest response.

Mickelson, who is participating in PIF Saudi International before the opening of the Asian Tour, posted on his Twitter that day, “We (LIV) win overwhelmingly. In the beginning, the game ended too quickly, and the TV broadcasters will have a hard time filling the empty time. World-class players such as Dustin Johnson, once ranked No. 1 in the world, Brooks Koepka (USA), and major championship champion Sergio Garcia (Spain) are active in LIV.

It is unlikely that a confrontation between the two sides will actually take place. This is because the PGA Tour has no intention of dealing with LIV. Compared to the PGA Tour, which has many outstanding players, LIV is evaluated as having a large difference in skill between players.

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