Lee Seung-yeop, who even helped with the weather, first spring camp…”I’m satisfied with the training”

 Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop expressed satisfaction with the results of the spring camp.

Doosan arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 7th. Doosan, led by coach Lee, began to harden for 34 days in Sydney, Australia. He built up his body through intensive training, and raised his game sense through five actual matches. During Doosan’s stay, the weather in Sydney was clear throughout. Director Lee smiled brightly, saying, “I took the first spring camp after taking office. I think the training went well.”

Thanks to almost no rain, I managed to complete the training schedule I had planned. The lighting facilities were also perfectly equipped, so night training was easy. Director Lee said, “I think I trained indoors twice. It hardly rained. I trained in the evening because there was a light. The players also followed me well.”

Coach Lee did not select a separate camp MVP. Because all the players trained hard. Coach Lee said, “Even senior players like Kim Jae-ho trained hard. We did the same. During a regular camp, accidents big and small can happen. Also, if you don’t concentrate, you can harm the atmosphere. Everything went well this camp.” I was satisfied with the effort.메이저놀이터

The time of 34 days felt short. If you only cared about your own training as a player, you will have to lead the entire team after taking the baton. Director Lee said, “Time went by so fast. Now I’m in a position where I have to watch everything from afar. I felt like I wasn’t ready because it was the last time. Time passed that fast.”

In the demonstration game, we plan to apply what we have practiced at the camp. Manager Lee said, “I did a lot of defensive training. I also paid attention to base run play. I want to check every detail. I will consult with the coaches. I will try to make a strong team.”

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