Lee Kun-hee, a sophomore at Korea University, will he make up for his disappointment last year?

“Last year was very disappointing.” Lee Kun-hee, who became a sophomore at Korea University, showed a firm will.

Lee Kun-hee, a sophomore at Korea University, has been sweating for two weeks from the 13th (Mon) to the 25th (Sat) to prepare for the season in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do.메이저놀이터

Lee Kun-hee said, “I came to Geoje Island for two consecutive years to train, and he is preparing to improve more than when he came last year. He is focusing on shooting practice, which is my strong point, and is also trying to equip a moving shot. He is also trying to learn the team defense,” he said, expressing his impressions of battery training.

Lee Kun-hee entered Korea University as a class of 22 last year. When he was a high school student in Hongik University, he was expected to be an explosive shooter, but he did not get a chance after entering college. His classmates Park Jung-hwan and Yeo Jun-seok were active as the main members, and Shin Ju-young also appeared as a rotation member, but Lee Kun-hee spent more time guarding the bench.

In response, Lee Kun-hee said, “I think the reason I didn’t get a chance last year was because my skills were lacking. It was really sad. He should have been more confident and full of spirit as a freshman, but since it didn’t go well, he seems to have been alone in his thoughts. He also lost a lot of confidence in shooting, which was his strong point.”

He continued, “The manager and coaches don’t scold me for shooting. Rather, he tells them not to hesitate and to shoot as much as they want. He just wants to be motivated and work harder and do better.”

Lee Kun-hee, who has an advantage in shooting, has better strength than other second position players, and is evaluated for her quick attack and ball handling. If Lee Kun-hee steps up in the ‘forward basketball’ prepared by coach Joo Hee-jung this season, he seems to be able to give a big boost.

Lee Kun-hee said, “He wants to play an average of 20 minutes in each game this season. If (Kim) Tae-hun becomes a player who can block the opponent’s ace and hit a 3-point shot like his older brother, I wonder if his chances will increase. These days, the value of 3&D resources is increasing even in pros, and I also want to grow this season.”

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