La Liga is half over… Mallorca’s best player is ‘not Lee Kang-in’

Now that the halfway point has been earned, Bedat Muriki has been voted the best player for Real Mallorca.

All Spanish La Liga teams have played 19 league games. Halfway through, Spain’s ‘Marca’ evaluated the performance of La Liga teams up to this point on the 3rd (Korean time). Barcelona, ​​who have won 50 points from 19 games and conceded only 7 points, have maintained first place, with 9 points. Barcelona are chasing by 5 points, while Real Madrid are 7 points.

Mallorca was awarded 7.5 points. It was a high score considering that second place Real had 7 points. The reason seems to be that he is doing better than expected before the season. Mallorca barely stayed last season. There was even a manager change, and in the end, he was on the defensive to the point that relegation was likely, but he came in 16th in the final and played in La Liga this season. It was 1 point difference with Granada, who was relegated.

This season, where Javier Aguire’s full season began, Mallorca is in 10th place. I only scored 15 goals, but I was able to defend the mid-table based on the tremendous efficiency of winning 25 points. The solid defense that gave up only 18 runs was a strength. It is the most contrasting part with Mallorca last season. ‘Marca’ also said, “Mallorca, who played half of the league, was very surprising.”

And then he picked Muriki as the best player. 메이저놀이터 Muriki, who joined in the winter of last season and was responsible for scoring Mallorca, succeeded in a complete transfer and scored 8 goals this season. It is more than half of Mallorca’s total team goals. With or without Muriki, the difference is huge. It is an irreplaceable resource in Mallorca because it not only scores, but also opens up an attacking path through post play from the front.

The importance of Muriki is revealed in the part where ‘Marca’ talks about “everything in Mallorca.” Lee Kang-in also deserved to be selected. Lee Kang-in has developed in every way. He has improved his offensive skills and strengthened his defensive skills, making him a player with many strengths. He appeared in 18 league games, scoring 2 goals and 3 assists. La Liga is the best when it comes to creating opportunities.

Muriki stood out, and Lee Kang-in played a big role. His advantage could shine more brightly by continuously supplying sharp crosses and passes to Muriki. Lee Kang-in, who distributes passes well and intelligently runs the game, is an indispensable resource for defensive Mallorca. This is the reason why he kept Lee Kang-in amid rumors of transfer.

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