Korea University, the first win in the tournament, finished in 7th place after catching Sydney University

Korea University ended the tournament with its first win.

Korea University won 84-69 in the match against Sydney University in the World University Basketball Series 2023 (WUBS) held on the 13th at the Yoyogi National Stadium Gymnasium 2 in Tokyo, Japan. Korea University finished the tournament in 7th place.

At the beginning of the game, Kim Tae-hoon flew. Kim Tae-hoon scored 10 points in the first quarter alone, including two consecutive three-pointers and one more in the middle. In addition, Park Jeong-hwan took the lead with an outside shot and Yoo Min-soo added strength with a layup shot. However, they were chased by Sydney University by two points (22-20). In response, Kim Do-eun succeeded in a layup following a steal, and Yang Jun responded with a free throw, ending the first quarter with a score of 26-20.메이저사이트

Korea University attacked more aggressively under the goal in the second quarter. Kim Do-eun and Park Joon-hyung started off with goals, and Kim Do-eun and Yang Joon actively dug under Sydney University’s goal to score points. The strong defense also caused Sydney University’s mistakes. At the end of the quarter, Kim Min-gyu added an outside shot, and Korea University finished 44-35.

The third quarter was also the flow of Korea University. Kim Do-eun scored consecutively, and Yang-joon scored lightly after tricking two people with a fake from under the goal. With Yang Joon’s quick break and Park Jung-hwan’s mid-range shot, Korea University ran away with a 20-point gap (59-39). Kim Min-kyu’s free throw and Park Joon-hyung’s consecutive goals added to the third quarter with a score of 70-47.

Korea University, which widened the score gap, was relaxed. Kim Min-gyu’s mid-range shot and Kim Do-eun and Park Jun-hyung’s layup shot escaped further. Korea University did not let go of the early victory and finished the game leisurely.

Meanwhile, after the tournament, Korea University will return to Korea on the 14th.

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