Korea Tennis Association president refutes ‘controversy over arbitrariness’… unresolved suspicion

The president of the Korea Tennis Association, Jeong Hee-gyun, recently posted a ‘request for counterargument report’ on the association’s website bulletin board to actively refute some media reports about his tyranny. However, there are still unresolved suspicions, and the controversy surrounding the chairman of the association is expected to continue in the future.

On the 23rd, the Tennis Association reported on the bulletin board of the homepage that YTN reported <The President of the Tennis Association… ‘Suspicion of breach of trust’> Article related to the article, we posted a request for corrections and counterarguments from the head of the association, Jeong Hee-gyun. Chairman Jeong Hee-kyun refuted and explained the details of the report one by one, claiming, “It is not true that the sponsorship money from various contracts signed under the association’s name and part of the advertisement revenue from international competitions were deposited into the bank account of the Junior Development Support Association, not the association.”

According to the YTN report, Chairman Chung created a corporate body called the Junior Development Committee, and various donations that should have been deposited into the association’s account were transferred to the Junior Development Committee, which was criticized as misconduct by the president of the association.

Regarding this report, Chairman Chung said, “It was only personally sponsored by people with personal relationships, and there was nothing related to the association contract. I did not personally use any money from the account of the Junior Development Support Association,” he explained.

In addition, regarding the allegation that a certain agency intervened in the association’s sponsorship product contract and the contract amount increased, Chairman Chung insisted that there was no problem, saying, “The selection of the agency is based on the sponsorship contract.”

However, regarding the fact that the president’s son took over as the tournament director, who oversees the operation of the international tournament, he promised to prevent a recurrence, saying, “I accepted the issue within two days of the tournament and replaced it with another person.”토토사이트

Specific refutations and clarifications followed the controversy over the arbitrariness that arose, but the suspicions are still unresolved. In particular, when the association signed a sponsorship contract with New Balance, the official sponsor, the agency was selected, but compared to past cases, the evaluation that it is not convincing is dominant.

Jeon Young-dae, former vice president of the Korea Tennis Association, said, “When the association signed a sponsorship contract with Adidas in the past, it has never involved a third-party agency. It is a principle that the association and sponsors conduct direct transactions.”

The Korea Tennis Association recently resurfaced the court-related issue of the Military Academy and was unable to pay billions of won in debt, resulting in the association’s bankbook being seized and its financial function completely paralyzed. Added to this is the allegation of the president of the association, and it is facing the worst crisis since its inception.

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