Korea Hold’em Association officially launched “To become a hold’em sports powerhouse like e-Sports!”

[STN Sports] Reporter Lee Sang-wan = The Korea Hold’em Association (Chairman Chang-wook Son) is officially launched to take the lead in establishing a sound hold’em sports culture, legalization, and awareness improvement.

The KHA‧Korea Holdem 메이저사이트 Association was held on the 5th (Thu) at 2:30 pm in the 2nd small meeting room on the 2nd floor of the National Assembly Members’ Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. A total of 100 people from the political and business circles attended the ‘Korea Hold’em Association launching ceremony and commemorative seminar’.

The purpose of the establishment of the association is to eradicate illegal gambling activities and create a sound business environment together with the industry in order to eradicate illegal gambling and establish a healthy gaming culture. We are doing our best through the media, such as installing a gambling addiction prevention booklet in the business place and promoting gambling addiction prevention.

In addition, as future projects, the association will ▲improve hold’em sports awareness ▲support settlement and popularization as a lifestyle sport ▲international exchanges and hosting and operation of international competitions ▲operate educational institutions and produce educational contents ▲nurturing human resources such as national and professional players, professional dealers and trainees ▲ It plans to carry out player and dealer certification systems, development and training of anti-gambling programs, management and supervision of hold’em pubs and related businesses, and other necessary projects.