Kim Seong-chul “I think we will know the match between Yokichi and Davis only when they stick together.”

People say that this NBA Playoffs is really fun as ever, and I agree. It feels like we’re all in the middle of each other, so it wouldn’t be strange if either team won. Sacramento, Lakers, Clippers, Golden State… , It was even better because my favorite California teams regularly participated in the playoffs. Anyway, as the close matches continued in every game, there were many times when my heart felt tight (laughs).”

Kim Seong-cheol (47‧195cm), former head coach of Wonju DB, is called ‘a man who is serious about basketball’ along with Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong. He is a style that goes beyond the domestic professional league and constantly tries to learn something by looking for various basketball-related contents, including the NBA. A reporter who didn’t know about this fact asked, ‘Are you interested in the NBA?’ before the playoffs, but he was already watching the playoffs by joining a paid channel. He first asked to predict the winning team of the Denver Nuggets and the LA Lakers, who will face each other in the Western Conference Finals.

“A lot of people have a high opinion of Denver’s ability. I agree to a large extent, but personally, I don’t like Denver basketball very much. I like Jamal Murray, but Jokic is really not my style. (Laughs) What should I say? I can’t help but admire how he plays like a technician. Of course, this is just a personal preference. I know that there are many people who like Yokichi. I’m enjoying the situation from the perspective of a fan, so I think it’s fun to watch it with my personal inclination like this.”

Many believe that the match between Denver and Lakers will be decided depending on who has the upper hand in the post. Denver is the undisputed team of ‘Joker’ Nicola Jokic (28‧211cm), and the Lakers are now more influenced by ‘Seagull’ Anthony Davis (30‧208cm) than ‘King’ LeBron James (38‧206cm). am. In fact, it is evaluated that Davis’ performance, which took the upper hand in the provisional power, was decisive in the background of winning the match against the Golden State Warriors.

“The match between the Lakers and Golden State ended relatively simply. The Lakers, which Davis is holding on to, took advantage of the big man’s advantage and went ahead in the air defense, while Golden State, the team in spacing and shooting, did not get a shot in time. Golden State needed a big man who could hold on to Davis even if he couldn’t win against Davis. But as a result, that didn’t work.”

As he said, the Lakers used the cards they could pull out well, but Golden State’s players, who they trusted, were sluggish in attack and their defense was also poor. He was pushed back in the post fight and failed to dominate in the backcourt.

For Golden State, I think the struggles in the matchup with Davis were the biggest loss in handing over the series. Kevon Rooney is a big man who is good at fighting and is good at controlling the air, but his shooting ability메이저놀이터 is weak. In fact, he used a lot of defense to abandon Rooney at the Lakers. In addition, he had no choice but to be pushed back by Davis in terms of his mobility and activity level. Even from Davis’ point of view, who is good at helping defense, Rooney wasn’t a player who put a lot of pressure on defense. On the other hand, Draymond Green has more attack options than Rooney, but due to the difference in size, there was no choice but to have a lot of difficulty in height. In fact, when Davis was blocked by Green, LeBron made an alley-oop pass and had a lot of fun. Of course, as in the winning game, if Golden State’s outside shot goes in like crazy, it will be offset, but a shot can’t always explode. Going from the 1st round to Sacramento to the 7th game seems to have worked as a bad factor that gnawed at Golden State’s stamina

. Davis and Jokic have completely different styles of play. Both of them are top-notch big men in the league and are in peak condition since entering the playoffs, so it doesn’t seem easy to discuss compatibility until you see them in person.

“In the series against Golden State, Davies, who has a wide range of activities and is smart, properly exploited the weaknesses of the opponent’s big man. But it’s not easy against Jokic. Jokic is stronger and stronger than Rooney, and he’s not an undersized big man like Green. Green’s strength is that he is a point forward with good passing ability, but Jokichi is the king of that style. There is also a big difference in attack power, such as shooting. Davis has the strengths of both Rooney and Green, and

he has to deal with Yochki, who has been upgraded.” While acknowledging the rise of Denver, which has been playing an active role even Porter Jr., he paid attention to the Lakers’ wide player base.

“It may not be the same as when he was in his prime, but Lebron is a veteran with a lot of experience in big games, and I think Davis will bother Jokic a lot even if he is in his current condition. Above all, the current Lakers have a very good player base, so I wonder if there will be cases where unexpected players affect the game. Just like Austin Reeves. He doesn’t stand out in terms of athleticism, power, or speed, but he’s good at defense, and he’s good at shooting, breaking through, and passing. There are ups and downs in play because he is not a perfect starting player, but on days when his performance is good, he shows a presence that is comparable to that of a few key players. The amazing thing is that Reeves isn’t the only Lakers player like this. Personally, if I had to pick a winning team, I would vote for the Lakers to go up after a close match (laughs)”

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