Kim Nam-guk, ‘wearing a jumper’ spotted at the Gapyeong Service Area…Kim Geun-sik “seemed comfortable alone”

While independent lawmaker Kim Nam-guk, who left the Democratic Party due to controversy over transactions and possession of billions of won worth of virtual assets (coins), was captured at a highway rest area on the 18th, Kim Geun-sik, chairman of the People’s Power Seoul Songpa-byeong Party Committee, said, “Rep. Kim at the Gapyeong rest area. Showing such comfortable clothes gave the people a very big sense of betrayal,” he criticized.

According to the political circle on the 19th, attorney Bae Seung-hee posted on his Facebook the day before, “Is this Kim Nam-guk? (The informant sent me that he saw it at the Gapyeong Rest Area on the Seoul-Yangyang Expressway.” “Where are you going on May 18th? You look good,” he wrote. Attorney Bae served as the secretary of Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo’s lawmaker’s office when he was a member of the National Assembly.

In the photo posted by Attorney Bae, a person presumed to be Rep. Kim was wearing a beige jumper and sneakers and talking with the party next to a carnival car토스카지노. Judging from the location where Congressman Kim was seen and the way he was dressed, it does not appear that he was on his way to attend an official event.

In response, Chairman Kim Geun-sik said, “There is no need to hide anywhere, but when I left the party, I never sincerely apologized to the people other than saying ‘I’m sorry to the party members and the party’ on social media.” He pointed out that he went out and said, “I apologize for that part, but the transaction at that time was only about a few thousand won.”

“This kind of apology is not a true apology,” he said. “Even before entering the judicial process, Rep. Kim Nam-guk should show an apology by holding a press conference, clarifying honestly, and revealing what needs to be revealed.”

Jang Dong-hyuk, a spokesman for the People’s Power, also said in a commentary, “Rep. Kim, who had disappeared, was captured in a ‘comfortable outfit’ at a highway rest area.”

He continued, “Now, the ‘river of the southern country’ is getting deeper than the ‘river of the motherland’.” If Rep. Kim does not make a decision on his own, the National Assembly must make a decision,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party filed a complaint against Rep. Kim to the Special Committee on Ethics at the National Assembly under the direction of Representative Lee Jae-myung. The power of the people is arguing that the process of hearing the opinions of the mediation committee should be omitted, and that Congressman Kim should be expelled as soon as possible and the ethics of the National Assembly member should be reestablished. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is in the position that strict investigation and procedures are the right attitude toward the people.

On the 15th, the day after leaving the Democratic Party, Rep. Kim appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Kim Eo-jun’s news factory humility is hard’ and said, “I doubt whether it was intentionally leaked to cover the situation of the Yoon Seok-yeol government with this issue.” “I think that the (first) article was written by obtaining information held by a state agency or investigative agency,” he claimed.

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